10 Essentials for a Roadside Emergency Kit

10 Essentials for a Roadside Emergency KitWhether you are driving 1 hour, 10 hours, 24 hours or a cross country road trip you need to prepare yourself for when issues may arise. Unlike when traveling via train or airplane we are in control of our vehicle and if a situation happens we need to be ready for it. One way that we can prepare for unplanned travel emergencies is by carrying a Emergency Kit.

Even if you do have roadside assistance coverage you more than likely will need to wait at least an hour if not more for them to arrive.  Roadside emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night and emergencies increase during bad weather, a roadside emergency kit can increase your safety, reduce stress and help you get on the road faster.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Wireless Cell Phone Charger – The first thing you are going to want when you are stranded on the side of the road is your cell phone. First, make sure you cell phone is charging during traveling. If for some reason you are loosing battery life to your phone and you can’t charge it because your car isn’t working, then make sure you have a back up device.

First Aid Kit – You can purchase all ready made kit or make your own using a plastic container. Fill the container with bandages, first aid medication for cuts, Q-tips, thermometer, headache medication, cleansing wipes and anything else you may want to place in there in case of a minor accident.

Fire Extinguisher – It’s always best to be safe than sorry when traveling and a car fire can start from the simplest of things like a short circuit or leaking oil. Of course you want to get out of your vehicle as quickly as possible but for extra security its best to keep a fire extinguisher in your car in the case of a small fire that you can manage on your own. If you can easily put out the fire it will save you tons of money and the damage to your vehicle will be far less.

Flares and Warning Signs – If your vehicle does break down on the side of the road it so important to give other motorist warning that your car is at a stand still. This is even more important at night because its so much hard to see people and vehicles on the road at night.

Tire Changing Kit – Everyone should learn how to change a tire. It doesn’t take that much time and you could be back on the road long before roadside assistance arrives. Most newer cars come with a spare time, Jack and Lug Wrench but if you don’t have those items make sure you purchase them before taking your vehicle out on a road trip.

Spare Fuses РWhen our car breaks down we automatically think the worst. It could be a simple electric problem like a burned out fuse. These are easy to check and replace,  your owners manual will have directions for replacement.

Portable Battery Booster – Most people would say Jumper Cables, but you need a second car to use those and if you are stranded on the side of the road without another car it sight then those will not help you. A portable battery booster such as the PowerAll allows you to restart your battery without a second vehicle.

Flashlight – One of the simplest things that we know we should have but never seem to carry one with us. Pack a handy flashlight in with the first aid kit or in your glove box so you have it when needed.

Work Gloves – If you need to work under the hood or change a tire your hands are going to get dirty, but not if you have work gloves in your car.

Notebook and Pen – Very useful for writing down information after an accident or writing down directions if lost.

Other items that might be helpful would be a separate GPS if you don’t have one on your phone and also a tracking device like the 911Tracker. If you find yourself in a major emergency when you can’t physically talk to the authorities, the T3 will give 911 the current latitude/longitude, speed and where the vehicle is heading. The operator can see a map of where the car is so help can get to you faster.

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