5 Safest Vehicles for Teen Drivers

????????????????When buying a vehicle for your new teen driver, safety and reliability are most important for parents.  While some teens may want a vehicle that drives fast, rides low or has those florescent lights underneath, most parents have a more practical priority. When shopping for a car look for vehicles with advanced safety features.



*Electronic Stability Control *

*Has Curtain Airbags

*Good Crash-Test Results

*Gets at least 20 miles per gallon in city & highway driving.

* Choose a 4V engine because it has limited acceleration capabilities which makes it less likely that your teen will push the vehicle to extralegal speeds.

What NOT to get….

Pickups and SUVs – They have a high center of gravity which makes them more prone to roll over.

Sports Cars – They beg to be driven too fast and have a higher rate of accidents than other cars.

5 Safest Vehicles for Teen Drivers

Toyota Corolla – One of the safest cars on the market and a doable price point whether you buy new or used. You can purchase a four speed, five or six speed automatic transmission which will improve on fuel.

Honda Civic- Is a nice looking vehicle and is very popular with teens. The Civic has good fuel economy; wide variety of engines and transmissions; comfortable and well-built interior.

Ford Focus – This modernized vehicle is safe but yet stylish. It’s well made and safe which could include the MyKey system. It provides a healthy amount of technology for those teen drivers. Some of the unique features include automatic headlamps and sync voice-activated cellphone and audio controls which will help your teen keep their eyes on the road.

Volkswagon Golf – This safe choice is one of the most fun to drive for a teen, because of the shiftable automatic transmission. Parents can also breathe a sigh of relieve by knowing it has 6 airbags that will keep your child safe in case of an accident.

Hyundai Sonata – This vehicle is larger than the others but since it provides a little extra bulk it may help keep your teen safer in a crash, and best of all….It’s also very affordable.

As a parent you may never be totally at ease when your teen is on the road. Just knowing that your teen is in a safe vehicle and follows these driving safety tips will give you peace of mind.

Another way to keep an extra eye on your teen while they are driving is to have a vehicle tracker installed in your vehicle. By doing this you can view exactly where your car is and how fast the car is traveling. This will give you extra security that your child is safe.