Protect Your Food Truck

You know that the T3 works on cars and motorcycles but did you know that it can also protect Food Trucks?

With the Food Truck industry being on the rise for the 7th year in a row there are going to be more and more custom designed trucks within the city. And with the average startup cost around $85,000 it should be protected by the best Vehicle Security Device on the market! Because unlike other vehicle security devices the T3 from 911Tracker provides the exact location of your truck and real-time communication with emergency services using its patented conference call method. Plus it sends a notification to the truck owner the moment the truck has unauthorized movement. Allowing the police to stop the thief and recover the vehicle quickly before the bad guys have a chance to get away or remove the contents which could set the food truck owner back thousands of dollars!

 The T3 also:

  • Allows the owner to track the truck’s location
  • Connects them to the authorities nearest their vehicle in just one click
  • Disable/enable the truck starter with a secure text message
  • Alerts the vehicle owner via text if the food truck has unauthorized movement
  • It can even be moved from the truck to another vehicle
  • A secure message lets you lock/unlock your vehicle door
  • Notify you if your truck has an existing alarm that is set off

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