911Tracker® Announced Association with Newchip

Did you hear? 911Tracker® announced an association with Newchip which are providing Accelerator programs that are benefiting the 911Tracker Equity Campaign by improving communication with investors.

Newchip Accelerator impressed 911Tracker because of the experience of the Newchip team and the way that the Accelerator program uses a number of online techniques to guide entrepreneurs through a learning process. The Accelerator program encourages the entrepreneurs to continuously report on the progress of their interface with potential investors. The program helps entrepreneurs by sharing ideas and issues with other members of the group.

We have been encouraged by the constructive criticism and have started trying new methods of presenting our company in a way that potential investors will understand both the shorter term and longer term benefits. As the program proceeds, entrepreneurs are offered the opportunity to present their companies to potential investors that are already familiar with the ways that Newchip helps entrepreneurs do their best. We would certainly recommend that founders with startup companies consider working with Newchip.