911Tracker Holiday Promotion & Giveaway

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means we need to get on the ball with purchasing all those gifts. At 911Tracker we want to get into the gift giving spirit by offering you a chance to win a T3 Recovery Device for yourself or someone you love. If you are impatient and can’t wait you can purchase one of two Recovery Devices with a savings of over $100. 

911Tracker Holiday Promotion

Wondering if you have anyone on your list that would benefit from a T3 Recovery Device?

  • Got a child in college that has their own car?
  • Do you worry about your elderly parents driving?
  • Have teenager driver?
  • Does your spouse travel via car for work?
  • Does your spouse travel via plane for work?
  • Know of someone that lives in a area with high car theft rates?
  • Got a loved one with a classic car or RV?

The T3 isn’t your run of the mill security system, it does a much better job than the build in car security systems plus offers many other features. When purchasing a car tracking device like the 911Tracker, it benefits car owners by giving them peace of mind that their car is really secure.

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1. Gives you the location of your vehicle allowing you to recover it.

2. Saves you money because it lowers your car insurance. If you parked your car for a period of time you will receive notification if your vehicle is moved or if the ignition is turned on.

3. This is perfect for when parking the airport, auto body shop or valet. When 911 has been notified your tracker will give the current latitude/longitude, speed and where the vehicle is heading and is detected by E-911.

4. The operator can see a map of where the car is and is often more precise than E-911. The 911Tracker has a back up battery so if the thief cuts the wires you are still protected

911Tracker Holiday Giveaway

For a limited time we are offering a Holiday Promotion that will save you over $100. if you are feeling lucky enter in our T3 Recovery Device Giveaway. We will pick one winner within the United States on December 15, 2014.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
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