Back to School Driving Tips for Teens

VTS_01_1It’s that time of year – SCHOOL STARTS! The roads are more congested with school buses, kids walking to school and crossing streets without looking, and new teen drivers headed to school on their own. If you have a teen driving to school or has a car at college these tips that will keep you and others safe.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP –  Your teen needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. When a teen doesn’t get enough sleep and hitting the road as early as 6:30 am for school and then heading to after school activities which means not getting home to sometimes later in the evening.  This results in drowsy driving, and it can be just as risky as driving drunk. Make sure your teen takes a break, eat high energy foods to help stay alert or if things get really bad call a parent to come and pick them up.

SCHOOL BUSES – Teens needs to be aware that it’s illegal in the US to pass a school bus that is stopped loading and unloading children. Teens need to be more cautious when driving through areas where children are waiting for buses, because of kids darting in and out of the road.

SPEED LIMIT – School zones have different speed limits during different times of the day. Check posted limits and flashing signs to avoid getting a ticket.

DISTRACTED DRIVING – Avoid cell phones, playing with the radio, eating, putting on makeup or talking with friends while driving, all of these things will decrease your ability to pay attention to the road. A distracted driver cannot be a good driver.

CHANGES IN WEATHER – Fall brings changing falling leaves and wet roads which makes the roads slippery. Allow for greater stopping distance when driving on wet leaves or road.

PARKING – Make sure your teen leaves for school with plenty of time left to find a parking space. The student lots are always a zoo which can lead to many fender benders because of being in a rush to get to class and not paying attention to others around you. A good rule of thumb – get to school a little early and leave a little late to avoid the rush.

DRIVE A SAFE CAR – One of the best ways to keep your teen safe is by making sure they are driving a safe car. When buying a vehicle for your new teen driver, make sure it has good safety ratings and is reliability.

Keeping Families Safe

Parents can also keep a better on their teen by installing the 911Tracker T3 Device. It allows parents to track their teen while driving to make sure they get to their destination safely. The T3 is currently on sale through our website —-> take advantage of this deal and learn more about how the T3 Recovery Device can help the whole family stay safe while on the road.

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