Protect more than one car with a Cable Kit T

Do you own more than one vehicle? No problem! You can protect them all with ONE T3! Want to know how?

With a Cable-Kit-T!

A Cable-Kit-T allows for you to plugin the T3 on your vehicle whenever you need it!  Switch it freely from your primary vehicle to your weekend ride, or your classic show stopper. The Cable-Kit-T is easy to install and works in a snap. The kit gives you the option to move the Vehicle Security Tracker from your primary vehicle to other vehicles so that you have protection when you need it!

Why would you want to move your 911Tracker? We can think of a few good reasons:

* Car enthusiasts like to surround themselves with the things that they love most, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you have a few rides in your driveway.

* Classic cars are fun to own but typically more of a weekend ride. So although you may want it to be your primary car, you probably have a spare in your garage.

* Although you would like to drive your motorcycle every day the weather doesn’t always allow for that to happen which is when your car or truck is the next best option.

By having the flexibility to move your T3 you can protect all of your vehicles when you need to. We recommend installing your Cable-Kit-T when you are heading out of town, going to a crowded venue, traveling, parking in an unknown/unsafe area. That way your Vehicle has a voice even if you are a thousand miles away. Click here to read more about the T3.

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