Car Show Etiquette

Summer is one of the best times to head out to different type of car shows. If you’ve never taken your car to a show before it’s best to know car show etiquette before you arrive so you don’t make newbie mistakes. Before we get started on the Do’s and Don’ts of Car Shows lets go over the types of shows a person can attend. We have national shows that are huge, most if not all will require you to register a spot for your vehicle and a fee could be involved. If you attend a smaller regional or local Car Show you could just show up and park your car without registering or paying a fee. It’s always best is get all the information needed about the show before the date so you are prepared.

911Tracker Car Show Etiquette

Car Show Etiquette 

SHOW UP ON TIME – We all have days of running late but when you want to head out to a car show especially a large one; you want to be on time. Getting to the car show late will result in a lot of frustration when you don’t get a great spot and are sitting in the back.

TAKE ONE SPOT – Everyone wants room to move so people can easily view your amazing vehicle, but lets keep it to one spot. You could see some vehicles parked diagonally across a few spaces but they could be a sponsor who paid for the privilege.

LEAVING EARLY – If you know that you will need to leave the show early, don’t take a prime spot in the middle of show. Leaving early when it’s packed with spectators looks bad and could be dangerous because of children and pets running around. When you arrive speak to staff member and tell them your situation so they can position you near the exit to make it easier on everyone.

BE NICE TO THE STAFF – Most of the staff at car show events are volunteers who enjoy being around cars. As we all know things can get hectic and the volunteer may not know the answer to all your questions. It’s best to try and find the show director and hash out your problem before loosing it with a volunteer.

BE POLITE WHEN SOMEONE TOUCHES YOUR CAR – When you’ve spent hours waxing your car and making it look perfect we realize that you don’t want fingerprints all over it. Some spectators who attend a car show understand how seriously we take our vehicles. All you need to do is politely explain how much your car means to you and you would prefer them to ask before touching.

BE RESPECTFUL – Everyone has different tastes and budgets. Just because the vehicle next to you doesn’t have perfect paint or the style isn’t for you, just keep it to yourself. It’s best of offer real advice or help instead of putting down someone’s work.

NO RACING – Racing on the surrounding streets before, during or after a car show brings the wrong kind of attention to you, fellow attendees and the show organizers. It’s a quick way to get you a ticket or even kicked out of the show.

By far the most important thing for you to remember is that you are a guest of the car show and what you do at the venue ultimately ends up as a reflection on the coordinators. Just be you, patient, and most importantly respectful of others and everyone will have a great time.

Something to KEEP IN MIND – If you are traveling to a show and need to stay in a hotel for the weekend, you might be worried about keeping your car safe while parked. If the car has a T3 GPS Tracker and a thief tries to steal it, you will know within seconds after the car starts moving. You can easily have T3 connect you with 911 nearest your vehicle. Our device is perfect for those classic cars that don’t have a security system.

Now, you know the expectations when attending a car show with your vehicle and how you can keep your vehicle safe, but where are the shows? There are a zillion car shows throughout the country during those summer months, some better known than others. We’ve always liked the Good Guys shows which happen all over the country.  We are having a booth at the West Coast Nationals in August, hope to see you there!