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Motorcycle Safety

all about Motorcycle Safety

As the warm weather moves in, more motorcycles are on the road.  May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, which serves as a reminder for all vehicles to remember to Share the Road.  

According to the NHTSA, in 2014, 4,586 motorcyclists were killed in traffic crashes, a decrease of 2.3 percent from from 2013 (4,692). Those deaths account for 14 percent of the total highway fatalities that year, despite motorcycle registrations representing only 3 percent of all vehicles in the United States in 2014. Injured motorcyclists also decreased from 93,000 in 2013 to 88,000 in 2014.

Wearing a helmet is an important way for a motorcyclist to stay safe, but all motorists play a part.  The NHTSA reminds motorists that it is especially important to understand motorcycle safety challenges such as size and visibility, and riding practices like downshifting and weaving to be able to anticipate and respond to motorcyclist behavior.

Some general safety tips for drivers to improve motorcycle safety are

  • Though a motorcycle is a small vehicle, its operator still has all the rights of the road as any other motorist. Allow the motorcycle the full width of a lane at all times.
  • Always signal when changing lanes or merging with traffic.
  • If you see a motorcycle with a signal on, be careful: motorcycle signals are often non-canceling and could have been forgotten. Always ensure that the motorcycle is turning before proceeding.
  • Check all mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles before changing lanes or merging with traffic, especially at intersections.
  • Always allow more follow distance – three to four seconds – when behind a motorcycle. This gives them more time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.
  • Never drive distracted or impaired.

Motorcyclists can increase their safety by following these safety guidelines:

  • Wear a DOT-compliant helmet and other protective gear.
  • Obey all traffic laws and be properly licensed.
  • Use hand and turn signals at every lane change or turn.
  • Wear brightly colored clothes and reflective tape to increase visibility.
  • Ride in the middle of the lane where you will be more visible to drivers.
  • Never ride distracted or impaired.

Motorcyclists can keep their bike safe by:

  • Keeping it properly maintained
  • Parking it indoors

Install a T3 Vehicle Security System.  The T3 will alert you immediately if your bike is moved. Your phone will show GPS location, speed, and direction. You call the T3, press # and T3 connects you to the 911-Operator located closest to your bike and T3 can let Police track the thief with real-time location of the bike.  Contact us to learn more!

Protect Your Service Vehicle

Your Service Vehicle, not only provides transportation to your next job site but it also acts as a warehouse for your equipment.

If it were to be stolen, you would lose thousands of dollars, plus hours of lost work.

Don’t lose money on things you can’t control. Be proactive and install a T3! By installing 911Tracker you not only save money but you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle has a voice!  Afterall, the T3:

  • Alerts  you via text if your existing Vehicle Alarm is triggered
  • Alerts you if your vehicle has unauthorized movement
  • Provides you with the GPS coordinates, direction and speed that the vehicle is moving
  • Allows you to connect to the authorities nearest your vehicle’s location via three-way call technology
  • Allows you to send a secure message to disable/enable vehicle starter
  • Allows you to send a secure message that lets you unlock your vehicle door
  • Allows you to move it from vehicle to vehicle via Cable-Kit-T

Ready to start protecting your assets? Contact Us!

protect your service vehicle | 911Tracker

Image from Junior and Son Plumbing Co.

Protect more than one car with a Cable Kit T

Do you own more than one vehicle? No problem! You can protect them all with ONE T3! Want to know how?

With a Cable-Kit-T!

A Cable-Kit-T allows for you to plugin the T3 on your vehicle whenever you need it!  Switch it freely from your primary vehicle to your weekend ride, or your classic show stopper. The Cable-Kit-T is easy to install and works in a snap. The kit gives you the option to move the Vehicle Security Tracker from your primary vehicle to other vehicles so that you have protection when you need it!

Why would you want to move your 911Tracker? We can think of a few good reasons:

* Car enthusiasts like to surround themselves with the things that they love most, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you have a few rides in your driveway.

* Classic cars are fun to own but typically more of a weekend ride. So although you may want it to be your primary car, you probably have a spare in your garage.

* Although you would like to drive your motorcycle every day the weather doesn’t always allow for that to happen which is when your car or truck is the next best option.

By having the flexibility to move your T3 you can protect all of your vehicles when you need to. We recommend installing your Cable-Kit-T when you are heading out of town, going to a crowded venue, traveling, parking in an unknown/unsafe area. That way your Vehicle has a voice even if you are a thousand miles away. Click here to read more about the T3.

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Protecting your classic car at a Car Show

Protecting your car while at a car show

With car show season around the corner, preparation is in full swing!  Ecklers Corvette really explained the preparation and emotion behind car shows best in their post Safeguarding Their Classic where they said ” You’ve been preparing for this show all year. Your hotel reservations have been made for months and you and your buddies came out a day early to make sure you’d get to the show early to secure the best spots. You haven’t been working on her all year to park her in the back row. Waking up this morning wasn’t hard, even though falling asleep last night was. You quickly scan the hotel room to make sure you have everything you need. Polish– check. Favorite cloth– check. Keys– check. You’re all set. You grab a coffee and a Danish from the lobby and you and the boys are on your way. As you leave, everyone teases you about winning best in show, but you know it’s yours. You get out to the parking lot and everyone disperses to their rightful vehicles. You look at the spot where you’d left her the night before. It’s empty. You stop dead in your tracks and blink in disbelief, quickly convincing yourself that you must have forgotten about moving her. Panic starts to set in. Your heart is racing, palms sweating. You frantically scan the parking lot and she’s nowhere in sight. This cannot be happening.”

But unfortunately it does happen. Classic car shows are notorious for being targeted for theft opportunities. And the perfect example of why every classic car should have a T3. Even if the owner just uses the Cable-Kit-T to plug in the T3  for the show and then moves the T3 back to their daily car once they arrive back home. By having one installed while on the road at shows you are able to react quicker if your car has unauthorized movement. Just set your T3 into Master mode, and it will alert you the moment the vehicle is moved. Where you then can instantly receive access to the GPS coordinates, speed, and direction that the vehicle is moving. And easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing them to dispatch an officer. Helping bring your beauty back where it belongs and not gone forever.

Interested in purchasing your own T3 or Cable-Kit-T? You are in luck today we are giving one lucky reader $50 to Amazon, so that you can use your gift card to put towards protecting your vehicle! Or of course to pick up other car show preparation products! Entering is easy just use the Rafflecopter widget below.
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Car Theft on the Rise – Learn How to Protect Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

protect your vehicle

You never think it will happen to you. You lock your car and you feel protected because you may have a built in alarm system that makes a nasty sound when someone tries to break in. There is something you need to remember……it can happen to you and it has happened to over 700,000 Americans. We don’t want you to be next. Here are some tips to keep you and your vehicle safe.

“Anywhere that you’ll be parked for a long time – churches, sports venues, concerts, etc. – are targets for car thieves,” continued Golling. “That applies to the theft of the car itself and items in the car. Remove everything from your car when you’re at those kinds of places.”

Below are some best practices from Todd Golling to make your car less of a target.

  • If you don’t want it stolen, don’t leave it in your car. Simple as that. A visible iPod or GPS is a temptation for “smash and grab.”
  • is particularly important when traveling. Remove everything from your car at a hotel. Thieves patrol hotel parking lots and look for things like out of state plates, or suction-cup marks on the windshield to indicate a GPS device might be in the car.
  • It sounds simple, but make sure you lock your car. Even if you’re only leaving it unattended for a minute.
  • If you go on a shopping trip, keep a blanket in your car to cover the items you buy. Thieves are less likely to take the risk of breaking into your car if they don’t know what they’re getting.
  • Don’t keep spare keys to your car or house anywhere in your car.
  • Don’t leave anything with your address on it i.e. mail, registration, insurance card.
  • Locking gas caps, wheel-locking nuts, and engine immobilizers are a great way to tell the thief “It’s not going to be easy!”

Now that you have these tools you can now keep your vehicle safe at any point of the year. If you car does happen to get stolen remember that your vehicle can be recovered. Roughly 46% of all stolen cars are recovered, but may be damaged or have belongings removed.


Top 5 states for vehicle recovery

Washington – 71%

Utah – 63%

South Dakota – 61%

Nevada – 61%

California – 60%

The lowest five states for vehicle recovery  

Michigan – 19%

Pennsylvania – 26%

— Arkansas – 28%

— Alabama – 28%

— Mississippi – 29%

 See how the T3 from 911Tracker can help  Protect Your Vehicle, by giving it a Voice! Click here for more information.

all about Vehicle Tracking Systems

T3 Vehicle Security System is different because you are in charge. T3 follows the instructions that you text from your phone. T3 alerts you immediately if your car has an emergency or unauthorized movement. You call the T3 to connect a 3-way call to the 911-Operator located closest to your car – even if you are thousands of miles away. You are talking directly to police within seconds of the emergency. No call center is used – saving you time and money. LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this. No other anti-theft system can do this.

When used as a security system, a Vehicle Tracking System may serve as a double layer of protection or as a  replacement for a traditional car alarm. The shortcoming with traditional car alarms is that they simply sound the car horn. We have become so de-sensitized to hearing car alarms as a society that most people will ignore a horn blaring even when a theft is in progress so it has limited benefit as a deterrent. But when a vehicle tracking system is installed on a vehicle you will receive a direct alert that the car is having unauthorized movements even if you are thousands of miles away from your vehicle at the time of the theft. Plus, the  ability to track your vehicles movement and location.

As you can imagine not all vehicle tracking systems are created the same but our specific  system (the T3) is so small that it may be installed on any vehicle and can be hidden in many places such as behind a glove box, behind the instrument panel, in a console, under a seat, or under parcel shelf. And since T3 has a connector on the side, it allows for you to swap it between vehicles if you wanted to!

Other features of the T3 include:

  • It alerts you via text if your existing Vehicle Alarm is triggered
  • It alerts you if your vehicle has unauthorized movement
  • Provides you with the GPS coordinates, direction and speed that the vehicle is moving
  • Allows you to connect to the authorities nearest your vehicle’s location via three-way call technology
  • You can send a secure message to disable/enable vehicle starter
  • You can send a secure message that lets you unlock your vehicle door
  • You can move it from vehicle to vehicle

Wondering what is the best vehicle security device is for you? Check out this handy product comparison!

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Protect Your Food Truck

You know that the T3 works on cars and motorcycles but did you know that it can also protect Food Trucks?

With the Food Truck industry being on the rise for the 7th year in a row there are going to be more and more custom designed trucks within the city. And with the average startup cost around $85,000 it should be protected by the best Vehicle Security Device on the market! Because unlike other vehicle security devices the T3 from 911Tracker provides the exact location of your truck and real-time communication with emergency services using its patented conference call method. Plus it sends a notification to the truck owner the moment the truck has unauthorized movement. Allowing the police to stop the thief and recover the vehicle quickly before the bad guys have a chance to get away or remove the contents which could set the food truck owner back thousands of dollars!

 The T3 also:

  • Allows the owner to track the truck’s location
  • Connects them to the authorities nearest their vehicle in just one click
  • Disable/enable the truck starter with a secure text message
  • Alerts the vehicle owner via text if the food truck has unauthorized movement
  • It can even be moved from the truck to another vehicle
  • A secure message lets you lock/unlock your vehicle door
  • Notify you if your truck has an existing alarm that is set off

Is your Food Truck protected? Call us 877-744-3361!

Information Sharing – not here, don’t worry

A recent study from Pew’s Director of Internet, Science and Technology revealed that when it comes to decisions about our privacy and digital lives, many people are “wary, worried and annoyed.” So we felt it was the perfect opportunity to remind our customers that 911Tracker places privacy as a top priority. Which is why we designed every part of the 911Tracker system to ensure that the T3 owner and only the owner has complete control and operation of the Tracker.

information sharing with 911Tracker you are protected!

 You may wonder…

Can anyone see the locations where I have been? No. The T3 only sends location by text message to only the owner’s mobile phone. The T3 does not send location information to any website or Internet server. The T3 does not store previous locations, and since no information is ever held no government agency or police can ever receive location information.

How does the T3 prevent others from receiving the T3 location? In order to request location from the T3, the owner must know the phone number of the T3 and the owner must enter their own 5-digit PIN number and send the correct command. If the owner sends a text message with both exact numbers then the T3 will respond to the owner’s phone – all other attempts will be ignored by the T3.

Can a hacker cause the T3 to malfunction? No. T3 has numerous safeguards to protect against hackers: T3 cellular connection only uses text messages and does not connect to the Internet. T3 does not have Bluetooth, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message. T3 does not have WiFi, so no way to receive a hacker’s message. T3 does not have a wireless keyfob, so no way to receive a hacker’s message. T3 can only have its internal program changed by physically plugging a special factory cable into the T3, so there is no way for a hacker to wirelessly change the internal T3 program. Each T3 has a unique phone number and that number is only provided to the T3 owner when they subscribe to 911Tracker Service. No one else has access to that phone number. The T3 will only operate if it has the SIM card that 911Tracker installs at the factory. If a hacker tried to substitute their own SIM card in the T3, the T3 will not function at all. The T3 owner creates their own 5-digit PIN number and T3 will only listen to a text message if the message has that exact PIN.

As you can see by choosing 911Tracker as your Vehicle Security Device you can feel safe and secure. Head over to our website to see our latest specials!


6 Tips for Parking Lot Safety

Since it’s getting dark earlier, and the stores staying open longer to accommodate the holiday shopping season.  It seemed like a good time to remind our readers on Parking Lot Safety,  and to point out a few T3 features that you may not be aware of!

When in a parking lot you should:

  • Be aware of other drivers – According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 14 percent of all vehicle collisions that result in damage happen in parking lots.
  • Watch for pedestrians appearing unexpectedly.
  • Avoid parking in dark secluded spots.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see suspicious activity go back inside the store.
  • Always lock your car doors upon getting in.
  • Do not leave shopping bags or other valuables where others can see. This can make your car a target for theft.

Of course, installing the T3 into your car has numerous benefits. But did you know, that you can find your cars location with a tap on the app? You’ll never have to wander through the parking lot hoping to find your car again!

Plus, the T3 protects your vehicle from theft! If your vehicle has an unauthorized movement you are notified instantly, so that the authorities can be contacted before the bad guy has time to get away with your car and gifts!

Other T3 features and benefits:

  • You can check your vehicles location, speed and direction via google map anytime you request it.
  • In the case of an emergency you can connect the authorities nearest your vehicle with a tap of the finger. Even if you are a thousand miles away!
  • You can unlock your doors with a simple text.
  • No activation fee, contracts or cancellation fees!
  • You have complete privacy! With your secret pin you have complete control over your account. All information for your account is sent to your phone only when you request it. It is never sent or stored using the internet.

Stay Safe on Mischief Night

stay safe on mischief night

With Mischief Night upon us here are a few reminders on how to keep your possessions safe and egg free!

  • Make sure your possessions are locked.
  • Park your car in bright lighting.
  • Install a 911Tracker Vehicle Security Device so that you are notified if there is unauthorized movement.
  • Clean out your car of valuables, loose change, and car chargers.
  • Don’t leave any children’s toys outside, for they may get stolen or broken.
  • Illuminate your house.
  • Move Halloween decorations and pumpkins off of your front porch for the night.

Did we miss any tips? Comment below!