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Car Finds for Your Valentine

Does your Valentine spend a great deal of time in her car, getting everyone where they need to be? Show her how much you appreciate her by helping her keep her car fun, safe and organized with items like these:

Valentine’s Day is all about the sparkle.. so give her a ring for her car! 

Polarized sunglasses to protect her eyes:

A travel mug so her coffee stays hot:

A backseat organizer to clear the clutter: 

A cordless vacuum…because nobody wants crumbs:

A roadside emergency kit so she’s always prepared: 

A T3 Tracker from 911Tracker to help keep her vehicle safe:

T3 TECH TIP: When T3 is in normal Auto/Guard Mode, T3 automatically sends text notification if vehicle ignition is off but the vehicle starts moving (such as being towed).

Save Money on a Vehicle Tracking Device

Have you been thinking about getting a Vehicle Tracking Device? Now is your chance!

We are currently offering two different Winter Specials, plus additional discounts when you order multiple units.

The T3-KS3 T3 Vehicle Security System includes the T3 Tracker and a 3-month service plan along with free US shipping. As part of our Winter Special, this system is only $199 (regularly $275). But if you purchase two or more systems, they go down to $189 each including the 3 month service plan.

The T3-KS12 T3 Vehicle Security System includes the T3 Tracker and a 1-year service place along with free US shipping. This system is regularly $359, but through our Winter Special you can get it for only $299. But purchase two of these systems and get them for $279 each including the full year service plan.

Plus, we also offer the Cable-Kit-T Accessory which provides cable and a backup battery that may be installed in your alternate vehicle. It gives you the option to move the vehicle security tracker from your primary vehicle to other vehicles for only $39.

Don’t forget, there is no activation free, no contract or cancellation fees, and you always get our 911Tracker 30 day Risk Free Guarantee. You can cancel your current plan and begin a new plan at any time. We also offer complete security and we never share your information with anyone. Your secret PIN gives you complete control and the location text goes directly to your phone and is never stored.

For more information and to purchase your T3 system through our special, visit our website here.

T3 Fall Specials

Our T3 Vehicle Security System is a great product to have, immediately notifying you if your car has an emergency or when there is an unauthorized movement. 

We are offering two Fall Specials this season:

Our T3-SS3 Vehicle Security System special includes the T3 Tracker AND a 3-month Silver Service plus free shipping in the USA. The normal price of this product is $289 but with this fall special it is only $199!

The T3-SS12 T3 Vehicle Security System special includes the T3 Tracker AND a one-year Silver Service plus free shipping in the USA. The normal price of this is $432 but this fall special is only $299.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals visit our website  to find out more information on our Fall Specials!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car-Loving, Fun-Loving Dad


We found some great Father’s Day gifts for the dad who loves cars and is all about having fun.

With this t-shirt, dad gets a massage and the child gets to play cars. Win win!

Eating cereal just became even more enjoyable with these tire bowls.

Give dad his space with this personalized garage plaque.

These socks are sure to give him a good laugh.

If he’s a Star Wars fan, he’ll love playing around with these decals.

Let him relive his childhood with a slot car race track.

While dad may be all about fun and games, he won’t want others playing around with his car. A T3 from 911Tracker will keep his car safe and makes a great gift. 

Happy Father’s Day!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Car Lovers 

Do you still need to get Mom a gift? Here are a few ideas!

At 911Tracker we can help you keep tabs on your vehicle, but this little gadget will help you keep track of your keys!


There’s no reason they can’t take their favorite car in to work with them with this computer mouse!


Keep yourself calm and your car smelling fresh with these essential oil diffusers.

With this photo keychain, mom can take her favorite people with her wherever she goes.


Help her feel more at home in her car with cute, personalized floor mats.


Help the car enthusiast in your life keep their vehicle safe with a T3 Tracker from 911Tracker.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Motorcycle Lover

Here are some gift ideas to show the motorcycle enthusiast in your life how much you care this Valentine’s Day:

Motorcycle Guide Book. Time to go on an adventure. The Great American Motorcycle Tour book, is a guide to some fantastic rides. Gary McKechnie has spent years exploring the nation by bike, and these are his top rides, from the rocky New England coast to the wide-open West, including tips on the best food, shopping, and nightlife to experience on the trips.

Motorcycle Gloves.  Protect your Valentine’s digits with a great pair of gloves like these which are lightweight and fast drying.

Air Compressor.  You never know when those tires will need more air. It’s always a good idea to travel with a compressor, and this is the perfect size for motorcycle saddle bags.

Ear Plugs.  It gets loud out on the road, and a good pair of ear plugs will do the job in protecting your Valentine’s ears.

Motorcycle Care Kit.  This kit contains all the items your motorcycle enthusiast needs to keep that baby clean and protect all surfaces including paint, plastic, leather and metal.

T3 Vehicle Security System.  Protect his/her favorite ride with the 911Tracker T3 Security System. The T3 will alert your Valentine in the case of unauthorized movement or an emergency.

Need a last minute gift?

Need a last minute gift for the holiday season?  There is still time to order a T3 Vehicle Security System.for your car, RV or motorcycle. The T3 will keep your vehicle safe and secure in any situation.  It is a great gift for teen and elderly drivers, classic car enthusiasts or any car, RV or motorcycle owner!

T3 Vehicle Security System is different because you are in charge. T3 follows the instructions that you text from your phone.  T3 alerts you immediately if your car has an emergency or unauthorized movement.  You call the T3 to connect a 3-way call to the 911-Operator located closest to your car – even if you are thousands of miles away.  You are talking directly to police within seconds of the emergency.  No call center is used – saving you time and money.  LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this.  No other anti-theft system can do this.

Check out these Holiday Specials that we are offering:

  • T3-SS3 T3 Vehicle Security System that includes the T3 Tracker AND a 3-month Silver Service Plan plus free shipping in the USA — Normal price is $289, but T3-SS3 Holiday Silver Special is only $199 a saving of $90 Click here for T3-SS3 Special — Also consider $189 per unit including 3-month Service Plan with two or more per order.
  • T3-SS12 T3 Vehicle Security System that includes the T3 Tracker AND a one-year Silver Service Plan plus free shipping in the USA — Normal price is $432, but T3-SS12 Holiday Silver Special is only $299 a saving of $133. Click here for T3-SS12 Special — Also consider $279 per unit including annual Service Plan with two or more per order.

Wish list items for a classic car owner

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to buy a car enthusiast.  Here are a few items to get your holiday shopping started for the classic car owner in your life.

Bluetooth cassette adapter.  One thing about classic cars is that they don’t have technology in them.  If the classic car has a cassette player, this item can be used to play music from a portable Bluetooth enabled device. It will even allow you to take calls through the speakers, all without altering the authenticity of the vehicle.

Replacing your radio with a look-alike having all the features. You can have your old radio replaced with a brand new radio with all the features. These radios fit in the same space and have a panel that looks just like the original.

CarJacket. Whether your car or motorcycle is stored inside or outside, this cover blocks rust, insects, mold and anything else that could damage your vehicle. After months or years of storage, your car will emerge as pristine as when you stored it.

Tire Repair Kit.  Because you never know when you may get a flat, having a tire repair kit in your vehicle is important in case you get a flat when you are least expecting it.

Car Care Products.  Classic car owners can always use car care products because they spend a lot of time washing and detailing. Car care kits can be purchased for as little as $14.99 for a basic starter kit.

T3 Vehicle Security System.  Because your classic car is a valuable investment, protect it with the 911Tracker T3 Security System. The T3 can be discreetly and easily installed in your car and will alert you in the case of unauthorized movement or an emergency. It is a must have for the car enthusiast.

last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a gift we are going to help steer you in the right direction! Below we’ve listed some of the best tech gifts on the market for him & for her!

For Her

Ringly allows for her to stay connected without checking her phone.


She can wear her fitbit in style with this designer bracelet.

toryWires won’t get in her way with these pretty wireless headphones.


For Him

Fix your jump shot wit this smart sport technology.


Charge your phone while on the go with this waterproof Battery Charging Case

Mophie-Juice-Pack-H2PROGive yourself peace of mind with the T3 Vehicle Tracking Device.