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Four Tips for Driving in the Rain

April showers bring May flowers…but they also bring wet roads and sometimes hazardous conditions. Here’s some tips for keeping safe on the road during those downpours:

  1. Before you get on the road, make sure your windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights and brakes are all functioning properly.  Traction on tires should also be good, as threadbare tires and wet, oil-slick roads are not a good combo. 
  2. Turn on your headlights. With low visibility you’ll want others to see you, and you’ll have a better view of what’s in front of you.
  3. Slow down and don’t get too close to the car in front of you.  It’s easy to lose traction on wet roads. If you do end up hydroplaning, continue to steer in the direction you want to go, and ease off the accelerator.   According to Geico, it might take three to five adjustments to get back on course.
  4. If you cannot see, pull over and turn on your hazard lights.  It may be raining too heavy, or your windshield may be fogging up. Just wait it out until you have a visible view.

TECH TIP: An authorized emergency contact can call the T3 and the T3 will answer their call.  The contact can have T3 make the 3-party call to 911 to explain the emergency.

Tips for Reducing Sun Glare

We love the sun, but it can become a big obstacle while driving, creating temporary moments of blindness, especially right after sunrise and before sunset.

If you are on the road, here are some ways AAA suggests to reduce sun glare, which can help avoid accidents:

  • Put down the sun visor to block out the sun
  • Wear sunglasses, specifically a polarized pair, which offers the best protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Give yourself time and room to react. If you’re having trouble with visibility, you’ll want to leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you, and not travel so fast.
  • Keep the windshield clean inside and out (and check for any cracks). Smudges make it even more difficult to see in front of you.  
  • Keep the dashboard clean. The less obstruction the better!
  • Look for the marked lanes, and make sure you are in your lane.  

Following these tips will help to make your drive a bit safer.  Because after all, a sunny day makes for a happier commute and/or road trip.

T3 Tech Tip: The T3 will automatically notify the owner if the vehicle battery is getting low.

Parking Lot Safety Tips

We know it can be difficult to get all of your errands and shopping done during daylight hours, which oftentimes means you’re walking to and from your car in the dark. Parking lots can be a bit scary at night so we want to make sure you’re using the correct precautions, as well as point out some T3 features you may not know about.

  • According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 14% of all vehicle collisions resulting in damage happen in parking lots, so be aware of other drivers.
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians.
  • Avoid parking in dark, secluded areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something suspicious, go back into the store you just left and ask for help.
  • Always lock your car doors as soon as you get in.
  • If you are going to multiple stores, be sure to keep shopping bags and other valuables out of site. You don’t want to make your car look more appealing to thieves.

When going from place to place, it can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly where you parked. By installing a T3 Tracker on your vehicle, you can find the exact location of your car with a tap on the app. You’ll never have to wander through the parking lot looking for your car again.

The T3 will also protect your car by notifying you immediately if your car makes an unauthorized movement or a factory installed alarm is triggered. This will give you a chance to contact 911 as soon as possible with the gps coordinates of your vehicle and the direction it is traveling.

Other helpful features of the T3:

  • You can check the location, speed, and direction of your vehicle anytime you want.
  • In the event of an emergency, you can contact the 911 operator closest to your vehicle even if you’re thousands of miles away.
  • You can unlock your doors with a simple text.
  • There is no activation fee, no contracts, and no cancellation fees.
  • The T3 offers complete privacy. With your secret pin you have complete control over your account. All account information is sent via text between the T3 and your cell phone, but only when you request it. It is never stored or sent via the internet.

Follow these tips to keep yourself, and your vehicle safe. For more information on the T3 and its capabilities, visit our website,

TECH TIP: An authorized emergency contact can call the T3 and the T3 will answer their call.  The contact can have T3 make the 3-party call to 911 to explain the emergency.

Road Trip Tips

With the weather warming up and the school year winding down, now is the time to start planning for your upcoming road trips. Follow these tips for a fun and safe ride. 

  1. Service your vehicle– Regular maintenance is important to prevent a breakdown but it is always a good idea to get a tune-up before a long drive.
  2. Sleep– Make sure to get a a lot of rest before your trip. According to sleep experts, it is important to get at least two consecutive nights of 7-8 hours of sleep before you begin your drive. This way you can avoid any drowsy driving. Although if you do feel tired while on your trip, it is important to take a break.
  3. Emergency Kit– It is always a good idea to have a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. Even with proper maintenance trouble can still arise. Be sure to include jumper cables, flares, a tire jack, water, blankets, and a first aid kit. Also be sure your spare tire is properly inflated.
  4. Put your cell phone down– Distracted driving can be incredibly dangerous. While you are driving, keep your focus on the road in order to keep yourself, your passengers, and the other drivers on the road safe. By doing this, you’ll also avoid fines in many states.
  5. Stay hydrated– Drinking water may increase the amount of stops you have to make, but it will also keep you energized while driving. It’s also a good idea to pack a water bottle for all of your passengers as well.
  6. Traveling with children– Make sure to take proper safety precautions when driving with children. It is important that all car seats are properly installed and children are sitting in a seat appropriate for their age, height, and weight. All children 12 and under need to be safely buckled in the back seat and never leave them in the car unattended.
  7. Have a GPS handy– Not only does a GPS help you get from point A to point B, it will also help you find alternate routes due to traffic, construction, etc. It is also a great way to find the nearest restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.
  8. Keep your car safe– Keep your car safe while you are on your road trip with a T3 Tracker. Not only is your vehicle your mode of transportation, it is also a surrogate home while you are on the road. You don’t want it to be at risk. With the 911Tracker T3 you will be alerted of any unauthorized movements your car makes via text alert. You can then connect with a 911 operator nearest your vehicle in order to get your car back.

TECH TIP: The T3 owner sets their phone number in the T3 memory and T3 always sends notifications to the owners phone.  T3 will only answer calls from the owner’s phone and from the owner’s authorized emergency contacts.

Safe Driving on Halloween


It is Halloween and as you head out the door with your trick-or-treater, keep in mind the following tips to have a safe and fun night.

For motorists:

  • Be careful, especially between 4 and 8 pm when tricker-or-treaters are out and about.
  • Drive slowly in residential neighborhoods, try to drive 5 mph below the speed limit in case children dart out into the street.
  • Obey all traffic signs and laws.
  • Be on the lookout for children crossing the street, in their excitement they may forget to cross at the crosswalk or they might cross from in between parked cars.
  • Keep your headlights on even during the daylight hours, so that your vehicle is more visible.

For trick-or-treaters

  • Teach your children how to cross streets safely at the crosswalk or corner where cars can easily see them.
  • Give them flashlights, glow sticks or even use reflective tape on their costumes so they are more visible to drivers.

TECH TIP: The T3 can send the owner a text that shows their vehicle’s location, speed, and direction any time they wish.

Tips for aging parents

One in six Americans drivers are 65 years of age or older.  Just because a person is aging doesn’t mean that they are a bad driver or should no longer be allowed to drive. In fact, many aging drivers are just as sharp behind the wheel as they were when they were younger.

Even if your aging parent is strong and in good health, you may still find yourself worrying about their safety and whereabouts when they are driving alone. Constantly checking-in on your parent is difficult for both your parent, who is used to their independence, and for you, who now has to take on the role of caretaker. You might be concerned when they are driving alone, perhaps they are sometimes forgetful or they are unreachable because their cell phone isn’t turned on. 

An easy way to give you peace of mind without having to constantly check-in is by installing the T3 from 911tracker on your aging parent’s vehicle.  It will allow you to check on their location to ensure that they have arrived home safely.  Another feature of the 911tracker is that a cell phone connection is built right into the device, so you will always be connected to the car (even when their phone isn’t turned on).  With the simple installation of the 911tracker to your parent’s vehicle, you can end your worries while allowing your parents to keep their sense of freedom and self-sufficiency while you have some peace of mind. Plus, the T3 even could let you unlock the door on their vehicle in case they locked their keys in the car.

Want to learn more about the T3 from 911Tracker? Head to our website 

Tech Tip: When the T3 is in temporary Master Mode, T3 automatically sends text notification if vehicle ignition is either on or off but the vehicle starts moving.

Tips for Parents during National Teen Driving Week

Tips for Parents of teen drivers. for National Teen Driving Week.

With motor vehicle crashes being the leading cause of deaths in teens across the United States we compiled a list for you to discuss with your teenage driver, to help keep everyone safe while out on the road.

• No multitasking while driving – No checking cellphone, taking quick calls, eating a snack or looking through their bag. It’s been reported that 1 in every 5 teen fatality accidents were caused by distracted driving fatalities.
• No cell phones –Encourage your teenager to leave their phone in their bag, or place it face down in the center console so that they do not see the alerts while driving.
• Always wear a seatbelt
• Follow the speed limit 
• No extra passengers – The louder the car, the more distractions within the car. A lot of states only allow for new drivers to drive one person under the age of 25 at a time within the first year. If your state does not require teenage drivers to do that you could make it a household rule.
• Never drive under the influence.

To help promote safe driving you should also:

• Set a good example – Remember: children are always watching. Keep your cell phone in your bag while you are at the wheel.
• Communicate with your teen as you are driving. If you see a potential problem point it out so that they can learn how to be aware of their surroundings.
• Always wear your seatbelt
• Don’t drive under the influence. Children learn from example. Show your teenager that there is no shame in calling a cab if you are unfit to drive.
• Install a T3 Vehicle Security Device – Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your kid made it to their destination? Now you can keep a better watch on your teenager by installing the 911Tracker T3 Device. It allows parents to track their teen while driving to make sure they get to their destination safely.

Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

It’s that time of year again. School is starting, some students have already begun and others will grab those backpacks and lunches after labor. Regardless of when your area starts school, it’s important for motorists to be mindful when driving especially when traveling through school zones and near bus stops. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep students and motorists safe during the school year.

911Tracker back to school driving tips

Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers 

SCHOOL ZONES – When driving through school zones keep it at 15 mph and be very aware of your surroundings since many kids walk to school and could cross the street without looking.

BUS STOPS – It’s the law, but most of all kids are darting out all over the place so make sure you stop for all school buses that are loading or unloading children.

CROSSING GUARDS – Keep an eye out for crossing guards, they can walk into the road at any time to protect a child crossing the street.

STAY ALERT – Especially near the schools, bus stops and parking lots. Most children are not paying attention when walking because they are chatting with their friends or being silly so it’s our job to be as alert as possible to keep everyone safe.

NO PASSING – I know it can be frustrating to drive so slow in school zones, but there is a reason for it so don’t pass others just to get ahead a few cars. Not worth it!

HANDS FREE – Get that Bluetooth out and go hands free while driving so you can stay alert on the road.

CHANGES IN WEATHER – Fall brings changing falling leaves and wet roads which makes the roads slippery. Allow for greater stopping distance when driving on wet leaves or road.

CURBSIDE LANES – I know it’s tough when you are running late but take the few extra minutes to park in the lot instead of doing curbside. They are designed for buses and emergency vehicles. We want to keep those areas open for the proper vehicles.

CARPOOLING – When carpooling don’t overload your vehicle and make sure every passenger has a safety belt.

TEEN DRIVERS – Got a teen driver in the house? Make sure they are aware of all the rules and is keeping it safe while driving to school or really anytime they are behind the wheel.

Another way parents can keep a better on their teen by installing the 911Tracker T3 Device. It allows parents to track their teen while driving to make sure they get to their destination safely. The T3 is currently on sale through our website —-> take advantage of this deal and learn more about how the T3 Recovery Device can help the whole family stay safe while on the road.

Safe Summer Driving Tips for Teen Drivers

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and that risk climbs even higher during the summer months. More free time, relaxed parental curfews, and less supervision overall combine to create a higher risk for teen driving accidents and deaths when school is out. On an average more teens died in the months of July and August than any other months of the year. Worried about your teen being safe while on the road this summer? Here are 5 safety tips that you may not of thought of that will  help keep your teen stay safe on the road during those crazy summer months.

911Tracker  Teen Summer Driving


Safe Summer Driving Tips for Teen Drivers 

NIGHT DRIVE – Did you know that 17% of teen fatalities occur between 9 p.m. and midnight, and 26% occur between midnight and 6:00 a.m. What can you do? Reduce night driving,  giving a curfew, and being aware of where and when your child is driving will be one way to address this crash risk.

SLOW DOWN – Parents need to set a good example way before your child is ready to drive themselves. Teen crashes are more likely to involve speeding, especially with male drivers. Make sure your teen knows that driving above the speed limit can lead to a ticket (which they should pay for), insurance rate increase, or even a deadly crash.

TURN IT DOWN – Teens love to listen to music, and they love to listen to it as loud as they can. How can they hear the road noises around you, you can’t! Headphones are even worse, so encourage to put the headphones in the glove box and turn the radio off and focus on the road.

LIMIT PASSENGERS – Don’t let your teen’s vehicle be the party bus. Friends in the car can be a serious distraction. Limit how many passengers your teen can transport. Most graduated licensing laws already set limits, but make sure you know your state laws or set your own rules.

DRIVE A SAFE CAR –  Your teen doesn’t need to drive a brand new car but make sure it functions properly. You can even teach your teen how to check tire pressure and how to look for wear and tear on tires. Make sure all lights work, the brakes are in good condition, and the air bags are functioning correctly. Here is a list of the best cars for teens.

Keeping Families Safe

Parents can also keep a better on their teen by installing the 911Tracker T3 Device. It allows parents to track their teen while driving to make sure they get to their destination safely. The T3 is currently on sale through our website —-> take advantage of this deal and learn more about how the T3 Recovery Device can help the whole family stay safe while on the road.

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911SafeTrack Dealer Recovery Device & GIVEAWAY

911Tracker now has —-> 911SafeTrack which features a special DEALER PROGRAM. The S4 Tracker is now available to New and After-market Auto Dealers, Rental Car Agencies, Collector Car Builders, Auto Parts Dealers, and Stereo & Security System Dealers.

Our mission continues to be a company that provides a rapid, affordable, and superior safety/security access to public safety by developing systems that will save lives and protect property worldwide.

The S4 allows vehicle owners to be in control of their vehicle at all times —

  • Permits the owner to check vehicle location, speed, and direction using a simple text message.
  • If a theft is occurring, the S4 notifies the owner and lets the owner easily connect with the 911-Operator closest to the vehicle using the patented 3-way call to provide immediate information and real-time GPS location. LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this.
  • The S4 lets the owner send a secure text to enable/disable the vehicle starter.
  • The owner can assess the situation by viewing the vehicle speed, direction, and location on their smartphone using Google Map™.
  • S4 can let the vehicle owner unlock the door in cases where the keys are locked in the vehicle.
  • Communication with the vehicle is protected by a user selected 5-digit PIN thereby ensuring the vehicle owner’s privacy.
  • No specialized police registration or police vehicle equipment is needed for the S4 to function properly.

Car dealers can pre-load the S4 to protect against vehicle theft from the lot and can obtain insurance discounts. Dealers use the S4 as a selling advantage when closing the deal on a vehicle sale.

Rental car agencies use the S4 to monitor when cars are checked in and out, can unlock the car if the renter left keys inside, and provide quicker response for roadside emergencies. The S4 lets the agency recover vehicles when they are not returned on time or to recover vehicles if a person using a stolen credit card rents the vehicle. When it is time to sell a vehicle, agencies use the S4 as a selling advantage.

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