High Tech Car Thefts: Staying One Step Ahead

As technology advances, and vehicles rely more heavily on computer controls, thieves are becoming more sophisticated.  According to experts, thieves are now using laptops to hack into the electronic controls of vehicles to steal them.  And these types of high-tech thefts are on the rise.  

Through the use of laptops, thieves have perfected the ability to remotely unlock your car and then start the ignition.  Law enforcement agencies all over the country have had reports of “mystery” thefts of vehicles.  In the past, car thieves needed to smash your window in order to gain access to your vehicle, now through hacking into the computer controls, thieves are able to quietly drive your vehicle away.  Experts believe that thieves have the capability to use their own key fob which they marry to the key of your car’s computer system,  making entry into your vehicle quicker, quieter and easier.

In order to protect your vehicle, it is important to stay one step ahead of thieves.  The best way to accomplish this is to have a multi-layered security approach. Protective measures like steering wheel locks and security systems need to be supplemented with an aftermarket engine immobilizer and a GPS tracking device like The T3 Vehicle Security System.  With the 911Tracker T3 Vehicle Recovery System, you are alerted the moment that your vehicle has unauthorized movement or a preinstalled vehicle alarm goes off. The alert will show you the GPS location, speed, and direction that your vehicle is traveling, and you can easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing you to speak directly to police within seconds of the emergency.  No call center is used – saving you time and money.  Saving valuable time can save you, your family, your vehicle and your belongings.  LoJack® doesn’t do this.  OnStar® doesn’t do this.  No other anti-theft system can do this. Want to start protecting your car or motorcycle? Contact us to learn more 877-744-3361!


TECH TIP: T3 owner sets their phone number in the T3 memory and T3 always sends notifications to the owners phone.  T3 will only answer calls from the owner’s phone and from the owner’s authorized emergency contacts.


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