July is National Vehicle Theft Protection Month

Summer is in full force with many vacations happening and families headed on those summer road trips. Summer is also the hottest time for auto theft in the United States. In order to raise awareness about how car owners can protect from vehicle theft national organizations have been promoting July as National Vehicle Theft Protection Month.

Here are some simple tips that auto owners can do to protect themselves from theft or break ins. These tips may seem like common sense but most are often overlooked.

vehicle protection month

  • Lock your doors.
  • Remove your keys from the ignition and never leave your car with the engine running.
  • Close your windows completely.
  • Never hide a second set of keys anywhere on your car.
  • Never leave packages or personal items in plain view.
  • Park with the wheels turned toward the curb, even in driveways or parking lots. This makes your car difficult to tow.
  • Always use your emergency brake when parking.
  • Park in well lighted areas or attended lots.
  • Keep your registration card in your purse or wallet, not in your glove compartment.
  • Activate any anti-theft device you have when you vacate your car.
  • Have your vehicle identification number etched into your windshield.

It is also encouraged to install theft prevention devices (alarms, ignition locks, kill switches) as well as a vehicle tracking system to help make it easier to recover a vehicle should it be stolen. When you install the 911Tracker in your vehicle you have a 90% chance of it being recovered within a 24 hour period which limits the amount of damage that could occur during the time of the car being stolen. When installing 911Tracker in your vehicle you are fully protected at all times unlike other anti-theft devices.  For more tips on protecting your vehicle whether it’s new or a classic gem head over to our website, because we know all too well that EVERY MINUTE COUNTS.