Lower Gas Prices – Putting Extra Money In Your Pocket!

The US government estimates that Americans will save about $550 in 2015 because of low gas prices. For those that travel a lot personally and professional the savings could be even greater. So, now the question is…what to do with all that extra money? If you’ve been budgeting $300 a month and now you are spending half that on gas you could be saving for your next vacation, home improvements, paying off debt or car repairs and upgrades.

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Lower Gas Prices – Putting Extra Money In Your Pocket!

SAVE: With the extra money you have after filling up your tank, you could put that right in the bank to save up for a vacation or just a rainy day.

PAYING OFF DEBT: Did you rack up some credit card bills during the holidays? Now is the time to pay a little extra on your bill to get those cards paid off sooner.

SPEND: There are many ways we could spend our money, I have a few ideas of mine own. Home improvements and or car improvements is a great responsible way of spending that extra cash you have monthly because then you are creating equity in both.

INVEST: Investing in your extra cash can be a option too. One thing to invest in is your vehicle.

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Got a car that is older and could use some updates? Live in an area where theft is high? Invest in a car security system. The possibilities are endless. How are you spending your extra cash that you are saving at the pump?



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