Protecting your classic car at a Car Show

Protecting your car while at a car show

With car show season around the corner, preparation is in full swing!  Ecklers Corvette really explained the preparation and emotion behind car shows best in their post Safeguarding Their Classic where they said ” You’ve been preparing for this show all year. Your hotel reservations have been made for months and you and your buddies came out a day early to make sure you’d get to the show early to secure the best spots. You haven’t been working on her all year to park her in the back row. Waking up this morning wasn’t hard, even though falling asleep last night was. You quickly scan the hotel room to make sure you have everything you need. Polish– check. Favorite cloth– check. Keys– check. You’re all set. You grab a coffee and a Danish from the lobby and you and the boys are on your way. As you leave, everyone teases you about winning best in show, but you know it’s yours. You get out to the parking lot and everyone disperses to their rightful vehicles. You look at the spot where you’d left her the night before. It’s empty. You stop dead in your tracks and blink in disbelief, quickly convincing yourself that you must have forgotten about moving her. Panic starts to set in. Your heart is racing, palms sweating. You frantically scan the parking lot and she’s nowhere in sight. This cannot be happening.”

But unfortunately it does happen. Classic car shows are notorious for being targeted for theft opportunities. And the perfect example of why every classic car should have a T3. Even if the owner just uses the Cable-Kit-T to plug in the T3  for the show and then moves the T3 back to their daily car once they arrive back home. By having one installed while on the road at shows you are able to react quicker if your car has unauthorized movement. Just set your T3 into Master mode, and it will alert you the moment the vehicle is moved. Where you then can instantly receive access to the GPS coordinates, speed, and direction that the vehicle is moving. And easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing them to dispatch an officer. Helping bring your beauty back where it belongs and not gone forever.

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