8 Tips That Will Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

You never think it will happen to you. You lock your car and you feel protected because you may have a built in alarm system that makes a nasty sound when someone tries to break in. There is something you need to remember……it can happen to you and it has happened to over 700,000 Americans.

Summer has the highest rate of stolen vehicles throughout the year. Most cars were stolen on the weekend. We don’t want you to be next.


 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Safe

* The longer you are parked in one single spot your vehicle is at risk of being stolen. Remove everything from your vehicle of valuable before you leave, especially expensive phones, ipods, sunglasses and of course handbags.

* When traveling remove everything from your car at a hotel. Thieves patrol hotel parking lots and look for things like out of state plates, or suction-cup marks on the windshield to indicate a GPS device might be in the car.

* You could live on a farm 30 miles outside of a city and never think someone would steal your vehicle but as we know it does happen so LOCK YOUR DOORS!

* Bring a blanket or something to over packages when shopping. If a thief can’t see what’s in your car they are less likely to take the risk of breaking into your vehicle.

* My husband is famous for this – leaving spare keys to our house and vehicle in the car. DON’t DO IT!

* This is a big one – don’t leave anything with your address in your vehicle in your car. The fact is if someone is willing to take the chance to steal your care they are also willing to take the chance to break into your house.

* You can purchase and use – Locking gas caps, wheel-locking nuts, and engine immobilizers to make it harder for someone to steal your car.

* Purchase a tracking device such as the 911Tracker to let you know and the authorities become aware that someone stole your vehicle. When using the 911Tracker, 911 receives the call from you and sees vehicle location on their screen to provide real-time auto security.

car theft infographic


Now that you have these tools you can now keep your vehicle safe at any point of the year. If you car does happen to get stolen remember that your vehicle can be recovered but only about 57% of all stolen cars are recovered.

We hope these tips will keep you further protected. We would love to hear from you – What are ways you have protected your vehicle from theft throughout the years?