Recovering from Holiday Car Trouble

The last thing you need during the busy holiday travel season is car trouble, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how well we take care of our vehicle we have unforeseen issues. Below is a story of how our 911Tracker T3 Device helped one owner and his family stay calm during traveling when their car wasn’t in the best condition.

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Recovering from Holiday Car Trouble Using the T3 Device

Throughout the holidays we were traveling by car 350 miles to visit family.  During our drive, the car alerted that coolant was low – Yikes!  We stopped at a restaurant and got a couple cups of water for the radiator and called our daughter to let her know of a problem with the car and we may have to stop again to re-fill. She said she would keep track of our location and come get us if necessary. Our car has 911Tracker T3 unit that lets her text the T3 and it texts back to her with GPS location, direction, and speed.

We continued on the drive and had to stop to refill the radiator 2 more times, and arrived at her home about an hour later than expected.  She checked our location every few minutes to be sure we were all right.

The next morning, I took the car to the repair shop. The service manager, Dan, said that it may be just a hose or it may be the radiator. Just to keep track of progress, I sent a text to the T3 to put it in Master Mode. The T3 will send me a movement notification if they take the car on a test drive.

Our car had to be in the repair shop throughout the weekend. By having a T3 Device I was able to track the progress of the repairs which made our holiday weekend less stressful for me and family. Here is timeline of the progress and how I knew that my repairs were on track.  In order to check progress on the car, I sent the T3 a text requesting status.  The T3 has its own backup battery so it keeps working even if the vehicle battery is still disconnected. 

 Monday 9:45AM – The T3 send a text saying Vehicle battery disconnected.  This let me know that the mechanic had removed the battery to make room for the radiator to be removed. The T3 responded with ignition off, alarm not sounding, and the voltage of the backup battery.  So I knew the mechanic had not reconnected the battery yet.

Monday 1:45PM – I checked status and T3 said the battery was reconnected so the mechanic was completing the radiator installation and getting ready to recharge the a/c.

Monday 3:20PM – T3 status said the ignition was on and the engine running, so the mechanic was checking for leaks.

Monday 3:38PM – T3 sent me a Moving notification so I knew the mechanic was taking a test drive.  I double-checked the T3 location just as he pulled back into the shop.  So, my daughter drove me to the shop and Dan called me to tell me the car was ready when we were just two blocks away – perfect timing.

Because of the T3 Device this family was able to track the trip to make sure everyone was OK during the time the car was having difficulty. They were able to check the progress of the repairs and had a good idea of when the vehicle would be done. By having this option the family was able to continue their holiday festivities without the stress of the unknown and could plan family outings without worrying about when the car would be completed.

Now that is the service we are talking about! At 911Tracker we know that EVERY MINUTE COUNTS and time is precious, especially during the holidays. Now that you’ve heard first hand from a T3 owner of how the device saved their holiday don’t you want your own? 911Tracker is running a holiday special with savings of over $100 on a T3 Device. Learn more about the T3 Device and promotion.