Summer Car Care Tips

911 Summer Car care tips logoAs summer approaches we start thinking about all those family road trips which means that we need to make sure our vehicles are in good working condition. From the heat of the sun and humidity everything from paint to tires are subjected to harsher than normal conditions. If you ignore routine maintenance you could end up stranded while on the road. Here are some tips to make sure your vehicle continues to run well and you stay safe while road tripping this summer.

CHECK FLUIDS: The fluids you need to worry about is engine coolant, motor oil and windshield washer fluid. Checking your fluids are easy but if you need help you can go to your local mechanic and they will help you along the way. When adding new fluids make sure the level is between the minimum and maximum markings and always add fluids when the car engine is cool NOT hot.

CHECK TIRES: Making sure your tire pressure is correct is so important especially in the hot summer months. Why your might ask – well as the weather gets hotter outside the air in your vehicle’s tires expand. Tires that are over or underinflated can reduced the vehicle’s handling because no one wants to have a blow out on the highway. To make sure you are adding the correct amount of tire pressure check the label in the door jamb or glove department. Make sure you carry with you a good dial type tire pressure gauge.

REGULAR OIL CHANGES: Keeping up with your oil changes are important throughout the year but especially in the summer when you are traveling longer distances. Regular oil changes and the replacement of your air cleaner and fuel filters can keep your engine running well longer but also improve your fuel economy. When you do regular maintenance your vehicle takes in less fuel to make that long road trip less expensive.

MAINTAIN AIR CONDITIONING: We all know that air conditioning doesn’t help your fuel economy but it does improve your aerodynamics and it’s ideal on the highway. Using the air conditioning during road trips also reduces driver fatigue. Before the summer begins have your system checked by a professional. If your vehicle isn’t getting cool enough changes are you have a leak. Sometimes we want to put a patch on it by adding refrigerant but that is only a temporary solution. Infest in proper repairs that will keep your air conditioning running well throughout the summer season.

KEEP YOUR CAR COOL: We know how to keep our vehicle cool while driving but you still need to keep it cool when it’s parked. The heat of the sun can cause cosmetic damage to your vehicle. To protect your paint and interior try parking in the shade or garage when possible. Use a sunshade that keeps the sunlight out of the car which reduces fading, drying and cracking inside your vehicle and also keeps the vehicle cooler.

EXTERIOR CLEANING: By keeping the exterior of your car clean and protected by regularly waxing your vehicle using a UV protection can reduce sun damage and help paint from fading.

When following these key tips will help your vehicle perform better in the summer heat and also keep you and your family safer when traveling. At 911Tracker it’s our goal to help vehicle owners stay safe throughout the year. To help you keep your favorite vehicle clean and protected throughout the summer we are offering a Car Detailing Kit Giveaway  worth $90 to the 911Tracker community members. Enter Below – A winner will be chosen on June 30, 2014 at random through Rafflecopter. Good Luck and have a great time this summer traveling.

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