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College Car Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year – students are heading back to college!  If your college student is taking a car with him/her to campus, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Park in well-lit areas and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Have your cell phone readily available when walking back from the parking lot in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure your windows are up and your car doors are locked.
  • Keep your valuables hidden, as well as any personal information/identification such as mail or bills.
  • Keep your car keys in a secure spot in your dorm room and have them out and ready when walking to your car.
  • Follow your campus’ traffic rules.
  • Always be alert and focused while driving. There are many pedestrians and bicyclists on campus, some who are not always paying attention.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Never text and drive.

To give yourself some peace of mind while your child is away at school, install a T3 from 911Tracker.  If your child’s vehicle is stolen, moves without authorization, or is involved in an accident, the T3 will notify your child and you (as the emergency contact), and can connect  you directly to the 911 operator located nearest the vehicle. Not only will the T3 protect your child’s car from theft, but you can keep track of the vehicle without being intrusive. You have the ability check the location of your child’s vehicle at any time by sending a text message to the T3.  The T3 will respond with a text showing GPS speed, direction, and location.

T3 Tech Tip: The T3 will automatically notify the owner if the vehicle battery is getting low.

Four Tips for Driving in the Rain

April showers bring May flowers…but they also bring wet roads and sometimes hazardous conditions. Here’s some tips for keeping safe on the road during those downpours:

  1. Before you get on the road, make sure your windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights and brakes are all functioning properly.  Traction on tires should also be good, as threadbare tires and wet, oil-slick roads are not a good combo. 
  2. Turn on your headlights. With low visibility you’ll want others to see you, and you’ll have a better view of what’s in front of you.
  3. Slow down and don’t get too close to the car in front of you.  It’s easy to lose traction on wet roads. If you do end up hydroplaning, continue to steer in the direction you want to go, and ease off the accelerator.   According to Geico, it might take three to five adjustments to get back on course.
  4. If you cannot see, pull over and turn on your hazard lights.  It may be raining too heavy, or your windshield may be fogging up. Just wait it out until you have a visible view.

TECH TIP: An authorized emergency contact can call the T3 and the T3 will answer their call.  The contact can have T3 make the 3-party call to 911 to explain the emergency.

If You Are an Uber or Lyft Driver, This is Why You Need a T3

Are you an Uber or Lyft Driver, or have a loved one who is? If so, you are often on the road alone, many times late at night, and sometimes in remote areas, allowing people you have never met before into your vehicle.  There’s always a risk involved when picking up strangers, but a T3 can help keep you or your loved ones safe.

While it’s something nobody wants to think about, if you don’t make it home from your shift, your T3 emergency contacts can easily pinpoint exactly where your vehicle is located, or even track your whereabouts during your shift.  And in the case of a carjacking, the T3 gives you the ability to deactivate your ignition and send real-time info to the police.  The carjacker won’t get very far, and your vehicle will be recovered.

The 911Tracker T3 Vehicle Recovery System will also alert you instantly if there is unauthorized movement in your vehicle or a pre-installed vehicle alarm goes off. Within seconds you can connect to the 911 operator closest to your vehicle and share the GPS location, speed, and direction your vehicle is traveling. No call center is used – saving you time and money.  No other anti-theft system can do this!

There is no activation fee, no contract or cancellation fees, and you always get our 911Tracker 30 day Risk Free Guarantee. You can cancel your current plan and begin a new plan at any time. We also provide complete security and we never share your information with anyone.

For more information on the T3 Vehicle Security System visit https://www.911tracker.com/products.


TECH TIP: The T3 owner can add, change, or delete the phone numbers for their authorized emergency contacts at anytime.


The T3- More Than Just An Anti-theft Device

On top of being a one of a kind anti-theft device, the T3 Tracker can also help you through a number of everyday situations. It will simplify your life, reduce stress, and give you peace of mind for less than $10 per month.

Here are some ways that the T3 can help in everyday situations:

-With the T3 you can keep tabs on your teenage drivers or aging parents without distracting them with a call or text. The device allows the owner to check the vehicle’s location and direction.

-It can be difficult to time dinner so it is ready when your partner gets home from work, especially when traffic is involved. With the T3 you can check on their progress without interrupting their concentration.

-When you drop your car off at the shop to get serviced, they usually give you an estimate of how long it will take- but things can happen and times can change. With the T3 you can see when the technician does a road test which usually means your car will be done soon. This way you can be productive while you’re waiting without wasting time.

-Do you have a teenager learning how to drive? If you’re worried about them taking the car out without permission or while you’re not at home, the T3 allows you to disable the starter. This way you don’t have to worry.

-Have you ever locked your keys in the car? It can be difficult to get AAA or other help immediately. With the T3, you can open your doors in just seconds.

-If you have a car that doesn’t get driven very often, you may worry about the battery running low. Thankfully with the T3, it won’t be a surprise as you’ll get a notification telling you when the battery is low.

-It can be worrisome when older relatives get in the car after a holiday dinner and have a long drive home in the dark. With a T3 installed on their vehicle you’ll be able to track their progress and see that their car has arrived home safely. You get peace of mind without bothering them with a phone call.

-Do you have family members taking a road trip? While they’re away, track their progress with the T3.

-AND — T3 is ready 24/7 to protect you, your family members, and your vehicle if there is an emergency. If your vehicle is stolen, moves without authorization, or is involved in an accident, T3 notifies you and your emergency contacts and can connect you directly to the 911-Operator located nearest the vehicle.

With the T3 you can not only protect your car from theft, but also keep track of your vehicle and loved ones in a safe, non-intrusive way. For more information on the T3 visit our website.

TECH TIP: The T3 owner can add, change, or delete the phone numbers for their authorized emergency contacts at anytime.


Preventing Motorcycle Theft with 911Tracker

Having your bike stolen is most likely one of the nastiest things that can happen, in our opinion worse than crashing it. Once it’s stolen you may never get it back, sure you can collect the insurance money to purchase a new one but losing something that you’ve worked so hard to get makes it hard to replace and is very frustrating and disheartening.

With a huge number of bikes being stolen around the world every year, we believe that these tips will help you secure your property better and enjoy your motorcycle for years to come.

Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Types of Bike Thieves 

Professionals – They are looking for certain bikes and manufacturing years, even colors, and it’s these guys who author the biggest chunk of all thefts.

Criminals – who use motorcycles as getaway vehicles because they are fast and extremely maneuverable.

Joy Riders  – they just want to ride, and they’ll most likely abandon your machine later into the night.

Protecting Your Motorcycle 

You may think that you live in a quite neighborhood and having your bike stolen is the furthest from your mind. Just remember…most of the time it has nothing to do with your bike. if a thief is after your ride, he will track your movement around the city, learn your habits and strike, when you’re in the city with your bike, or sleeping and the bike is in your garage.

So if you feel like adding some protection to your ride, you better do things right. There is no middle road: you either leave your bike as it is and hope for the best, or do your research and  and take some precautions that really do work.

Protection Tips 

Out of Sight Out of Mind – Your bike is safer if it remains unseen. The best way to do this is by parking your bike inside a garage, or in a guarded parking lot. If you don’t have private parking try covering your bike.

Steering lock – Motorcycles have had steering lock systems for awhile now. All you need to do is remember lock your steering a great first-step defense against bike theft and in the case of less experienced criminals, it might save you big time.

Lock It –  For those getaway thieves or those looking for a joy ride they will not want to take the time or effort in taking off a locking device.

Hide Keys & Title –  If you store your bike in the garage, make sure you don’t leave the keys there. Once inside your garage, the thieves already have plenty of tools to carry out their plan so it’s no use helping them. The same goes for the papers: if they’ve got your papers, they’ll be able to effortlessly make it past policemen before the bike is reported stolen.

Security System –  If you really want peace of mind, locking your bike with a high tech security systems is quite a good idea. A chain AND a disc lock, a U-lock and  or alarm can deter some thieves but not all. Installing a device such as the T3 GPS Device allows the owner to be in charge.

It is also encouraged to the install a theft prevention devices (alarms, ignition locks, kill switches) as well as a vehicle tracking system to help make it easier to recover a vehicle should it be stolen. When you install the 911Tracker in your vehicle you have a 90% chance of it being recovered within a 24 hour period which limits the amount of damage that could occur during the time of the car being stolen.

When installing a 911Tracker Tracker on your motorcycle you are fully protected at all time unlike other anti-theft devices.  The T3 GPS Device protects like no others, not only for motorcycles but vehicles as well.


Benefits of Installing the T3 GPS Tracker 

* Gives you the location of your vehicle allowing you to recover it.

* Saves you money because it can lower your car insurance.

* If you parked your car with your T3 in Master mode, you will receive notification as soon as your vehicle is moved. This is perfect for when parking at the airport, auto body shop or valet.

* When you are talking to 911 on the 3-way call from the T3, the 911-Operator will see your vehicle location using their normal E-911 screen. If the 911-Operator presses 3, the T3 will voice the real-time speed, heading, and pinpoint GPS location.

* T3 includes a vehicle starter disable/enable relay that you can control by sending your secure text message to prevent the thief from re-starting your car.

* The 911Tracker has a back up battery so if the thief disconnects the vehicle battery you are still protected.

Tracking devices are highly-effective in protecting against theft and hijacking, and for assisting in the recovery of your stolen vehicle and or motorcycles. To learn more about the 911Tracker and how we are making a difference head to our website.



Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

It’s that time of year again. School is starting, some students have already begun and others will grab those backpacks and lunches after labor. Regardless of when your area starts school, it’s important for motorists to be mindful when driving especially when traveling through school zones and near bus stops. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep students and motorists safe during the school year.

911Tracker back to school driving tips

Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers 

SCHOOL ZONES – When driving through school zones keep it at 15 mph and be very aware of your surroundings since many kids walk to school and could cross the street without looking.

BUS STOPS – It’s the law, but most of all kids are darting out all over the place so make sure you stop for all school buses that are loading or unloading children.

CROSSING GUARDS – Keep an eye out for crossing guards, they can walk into the road at any time to protect a child crossing the street.

STAY ALERT – Especially near the schools, bus stops and parking lots. Most children are not paying attention when walking because they are chatting with their friends or being silly so it’s our job to be as alert as possible to keep everyone safe.

NO PASSING – I know it can be frustrating to drive so slow in school zones, but there is a reason for it so don’t pass others just to get ahead a few cars. Not worth it!

HANDS FREE – Get that Bluetooth out and go hands free while driving so you can stay alert on the road.

CHANGES IN WEATHER – Fall brings changing falling leaves and wet roads which makes the roads slippery. Allow for greater stopping distance when driving on wet leaves or road.

CURBSIDE LANES – I know it’s tough when you are running late but take the few extra minutes to park in the lot instead of doing curbside. They are designed for buses and emergency vehicles. We want to keep those areas open for the proper vehicles.

CARPOOLING – When carpooling don’t overload your vehicle and make sure every passenger has a safety belt.

TEEN DRIVERS – Got a teen driver in the house? Make sure they are aware of all the rules and is keeping it safe while driving to school or really anytime they are behind the wheel.

Another way parents can keep a better on their teen by installing the 911Tracker T3 Device. It allows parents to track their teen while driving to make sure they get to their destination safely. The T3 is currently on sale through our website —-> take advantage of this deal and learn more about how the T3 Recovery Device can help the whole family stay safe while on the road.

The Dangers of Driving While Drowsy

As summer approaches so does those fun road trips. Whether you are driving just a few hours or many hours, you want to stay alert and keep yourself, your passengers and others on the road safe. While driving long distances, one of the main concerns is driving while drowsy because it can be a dangerous combination.

Driving drowsy can be just as fatal as driving while drinking. Just like alcohol, sleepiness slows reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases your risk of crashing.

911Tracker drowsy driving logo

Sleepiness or Fatigue Causes the Following:

  • Impaired reaction time, judgment and vision
  • Problems with information processing and short-term memory
  • Decreased performance, vigilance and motivation
  • Increased moodiness and aggressive behaviors

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll, 60% of Americans have driven while feeling sleepy and 37% admit to actually having fallen asleep at the wheel in the past year. When driving you may not even be aware that you are so tired that you will actually fall asleep, most people will say that they are not tired, it’s only a few more hours…we can make it through. Unknowingly that they are putting themselves and others in danger.

Here are some signs that should tell a driver to stop and rest:

  • Difficulty focusing, frequent blinking, or heavy eyelids
  • Daydreaming; wandering/disconnected thoughts
  • Trouble remembering the last few miles driven; missing exits or traffic signs
  • Yawning repeatedly or rubbing your eyes
  • Trouble keeping your head up
  • Drifting from your lane, tailgating, or hitting a shoulder rumble strip
  • Feeling restless and irritable

Now you know the risks and what to look for the warning signs of a drowsy driver, but now what can you do to keep yourself awake and alert at all times.

Here are some tips to protect you while on the road. 

  • Pull over and take a cat-nap at a safe rest area, a 20 minute power nap can make all the difference.
  • Eat a healthy meal before and during your trip. I know fast food is more convenient but it also contains fat, salt and sugar that makes you tired. Energy food consists of complex carbohydrates and protein, which will give you long-lasting stamina.
  • Take vitamins like B and C which give you energy, it’s best to take them right before you eat
  •  You need to move around to keep that blood flowing so pull over every few hours to stretch your legs.
  • Turn up the tunes! Music affects your mood which in turn affects your fatigue level. Just remember to listen to something lively that you can sign along with.
  • Bring snacks along to munch on, just keep it on the healthy side because tons of sugar will make you even more tired.
  • Bring some audio books along to listen to while on the road. Pick a good mystery suspense thriller.
  • Open the windows and let oxygen flow in.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid caffeine. Yes, you heard me! Caffeine wears off and it’s a diuretic which will make you pee more than water.

So stay safe on the road this summer. If you are looking for more summer tips here are some fun tips on how to make family road trips fun and safe. Make sure your vehicle is ready for travel and get out there and have fun!

Road Trip Safety Tips

Planning on hitting the road this summer for a family road trip? You need to be more prepared then packing snacks and filling the car up with gas. Here are some of our favorite road trip safety tips that will keep you, your family and vehicle safe throughout the trip.

911Tracker Road Trip Safety logo


Road Trip Safety Tips 

Get A Tune-Up: A week or so before heading out on your trip head to your local garage and get a tune-up. Make sure your car is running smoothly so you don’t run into problems along the way. Have your mechanic check the tires, battery, belts, fluids and air conditioner.

Emergency Kit: We are not talking chips and candy bars. Pack a emergency kit that will help you just in case your car breaks down or you get into a jam. Our suggestions would be a gallon of water, blankets, flashlight, jumper cables, flares, tools to change a tire, fully charged portable cell phone charger and a first aid kit.

Protect Backseat: The worst thing is starting the road trip and having to stop within 10 minutes because your little one is playing with the windows or getting into something they shouldn’t. Before heading out make sure all safety locks are activated on the windows and doors within reach of little hands. That emergency kit goes in the trunk and anything else that could be poisonous such as washer fluid should be removed. Then look for choking hazards such as knobs that can be easily popped off and remove potential projectiles such as hard books.

Drive Alert: The worse thing you could do is drive while tired. Sleepiness and driving is a dangerous combination. Most people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving but don’t realize that drowsy driving can be just as fatal. Like alcohol, sleepiness slows reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases your risk of crashing. If you are on the road and seem tired ask someone else to take the wheel or pull over at the nearest rest stop to stretch or take a 20 minute cat nap.

Have Back-Up: The last thing you need during your road trip is car trouble, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how well we take care of our vehicle we have unforeseen issues. Our 911Tracker T3 Device has helped many travelers while on road trips. Because of it’s GPS capabilities loved ones or police at your final destination can track your trip and get your exact location in case of a breakdown.  You can also win your very own 911Tracker by entering HERE!

We hope these tips help make your road trips safer and less stressful. Looking to keep the kiddos busy while on the road trip? Check out these suggestions that will keep your kids happy and entertained throughout the duration of the trip. Got any road trip safety tips? We would love to hear your suggestions.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone GIVEAWAY

In honor of Father’s Day throughout the month of June we will be celebrating dads. We know how much dads love fooling around with any sort of gadgets. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 10 tech gadgets that any dad or tech lover would swoon over. One of our favorite tech gadgets is made for those car loves that may not have a bluetooth system built-in.

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone allows drivers to stay connected without even touching their phone. As we know in many states driving while using a cellphone is illegal which is smart so everyone on the road can stay safe while driving. The Jabra allows you to make calls hands free and also listen to music through pandora or music stored on your phone.

911 bluetooth speakerphone giveaway logo

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone GIVEAWAY

Now you can win a Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone for that tech-loving dad or even safe it for yourself. All you need to do is enter below….easy as that! Good Luck and Happy Father’s Day to all those cool dads out there!

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T3 GPS Recovery Device Giveaway

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and that risk climbs even higher during the summer months. More free time, relaxed parental curfews, and less supervision overall combine to create a higher risk for teen driving accidents and deaths when school is out. On an average more teens died in the months of July and August than any other months of the year. Worried about your teen being safe while on the road this summer? Check out our 5 Safety Tips that will  help keep your teen stay safe on the road during those crazy summer months.

911Tracker  Teen Summer Driving

At 911Tracker it’s our goal to bring you the best possible advice and products that will keep your vehicle and family safe while on the road or when your vehicle is parked. One way we do that is by offering the BEST GPS Recovery device on the market. We may not be as well known as some of the others but our T3 is by far the best device for individuals and families.

911Tracker T3 Giveaway Logo

Check out the T3 Difference….

  • When you call the T3 and presses # to make the 3-way call to 911, the call goes to the 911-Operator nearest your car.
  • Gives you the location of your vehicle allowing you to recover it
  • If you parked your car with your T3 in Master mode, you will receive notification as soon as your vehicle is moved. This is perfect for when parking at the airport, auto body shop or valet
  •  When you are talking to 911 on the 3-way call from the T3, the 911-Operator will see your vehicle location using their normal E-911 screen. If the 911-Operator presses 3, the T3 will voice the real-time speed, heading, and pinpoint GPS location.
  •  The 911Tracker has a back up battery so if the thief disconnects the vehicle battery you are still protected
  • Location sent from the T3 Device is true GPS and NOT the cellular tower triangulation used by 911

Our T3 GPS Recovery Device saves you valuable time can save you, your family, and your belongings.  LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this.  No other anti-theft system can do this. Learn more about Vehicle Recovery Systems through the 911Tracker website and check this video.

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