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Information Sharing – not here, don’t worry

A recent study from Pew’s Director of Internet, Science and Technology revealed that when it comes to decisions about our privacy and digital lives, many people are “wary, worried and annoyed.” So we felt it was the perfect opportunity to remind our customers that 911Tracker places privacy as a top priority. Which is why we designed every part of the 911Tracker system to ensure that the T3 owner and only the owner has complete control and operation of the Tracker.

information sharing with 911Tracker you are protected!

 You may wonder…

Can anyone see the locations where I have been? No. The T3 only sends location by text message to only the owner’s mobile phone. The T3 does not send location information to any website or Internet server. The T3 does not store previous locations, and since no information is ever held no government agency or police can ever receive location information.

How does the T3 prevent others from receiving the T3 location? In order to request location from the T3, the owner must know the phone number of the T3 and the owner must enter their own 5-digit PIN number and send the correct command. If the owner sends a text message with both exact numbers then the T3 will respond to the owner’s phone – all other attempts will be ignored by the T3.

Can a hacker cause the T3 to malfunction? No. T3 has numerous safeguards to protect against hackers: T3 cellular connection only uses text messages and does not connect to the Internet. T3 does not have Bluetooth, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message. T3 does not have WiFi, so no way to receive a hacker’s message. T3 does not have a wireless keyfob, so no way to receive a hacker’s message. T3 can only have its internal program changed by physically plugging a special factory cable into the T3, so there is no way for a hacker to wirelessly change the internal T3 program. Each T3 has a unique phone number and that number is only provided to the T3 owner when they subscribe to 911Tracker Service. No one else has access to that phone number. The T3 will only operate if it has the SIM card that 911Tracker installs at the factory. If a hacker tried to substitute their own SIM card in the T3, the T3 will not function at all. The T3 owner creates their own 5-digit PIN number and T3 will only listen to a text message if the message has that exact PIN.

As you can see by choosing 911Tracker as your Vehicle Security Device you can feel safe and secure. Head over to our website to see our latest specials!