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Working Together To Keep Families Safe


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At 911Tracker we are looking for bloggers to help us spread the word about our vehicle tracking device that keeps you and your family safe while on the road or even when your vehicle is parked.

We think that a build in car security system will work as a deterrent, but in most cases when it really counts we will be disappointed. Car alarms do not draw the attention the way they used to. Most of the time we find it more annoying than anything else. Nearly half of the vehicles (with the normal car alarm) stolen are never recovered, and those recovered are almost always damaged or completely destroyed.  This is the reason that purchasing a car tracking device like the 911Tracker benefits car owners by giving them peace of mind that their car is really secure.

Here is just a few of the many benefits of owning the 911Tracker Device….

* Gives you the location of your vehicle allowing you to recover it

* Saves you money because it lowers your car insurance

* If you parked your car for a period of time you will receive notification if your vehicle is moved. This is perfect for when parking the airport, auto body shop or valet.

* When 911 has been notified your tracker will give the current latitude/longitude, speed and where the vehicle is heading and is detected by E-911. The operator can see a map of where the car is and is often more precise than E-911.

* The 911Tracker has a back up battery so if the thief disconnects the battery you are still protected

We spend thousands of dollars on the vehicles we drive, why wouldn’t we want to protect them just as we do our homes?  Tracking devices are highly-effective in protecting against theft and hijacking, and for assisting in the recovery of your stolen vehicle. To learn more about the 911Tracker and how we are making a difference head to our website.

We want to share the facts with as many families as possible, and this is where you come in…. Interested and qualified bloggers will receive a T3 Device, FREE activation & Shipping plus a 3 month subscription service worth over $300.

If you have interest in sharing the 911Tracker with your community please fill out the blogger form provided. Our goal is help families to stay as safe as possible whether you are traveling on a roadtrip or happily at home. To learn more about our device and other ways we help families and individuals head over to our website and blog. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Trina our Social Media Manager trina@911Tracker.com