Tips for a Long Drive

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start to summer, many of us will embark on a road trip. Whether it is to the mountains or down the shore, heading across the country to visit family or going on an RV adventure, here are a few tips to consider before you hit the road.

SLEEP. It is important to get a lot of rest before driving. According to sleep experts, try to get at least two consecutive nights of 7-8 hours of sleep before your trip. This helps to eliminate any risk of drowsy driving. It is important that when you feel tired, you take a break from the road.

KEEP HYDRATED. By staying hydrated, you increase your energy reserves. Although drinking lots of water might increase the number of stops you have to make on your trip, water will ensure that you stay energized and alert while driving.

MAKE FREQUENT STOPS. Getting out to stretch your legs or use the restrooms is a great way to break up the trip. Experts suggest making scheduled stops about every two hours during a long drive.

DRIVE WITH A COMPANION. Depending on the circumstances, driving with a companion might not be a possibility. If it is, a companion will not only serve as someone to talk to and keep you focused and alert, but can help with little ones or pets that might be traveling with you, assist in navigation, and share the driving tasks with you.

KEEP KIDS ENTERTAINED. If you are traveling with children, make sure they have plenty of things to keep them busy. Snacks, entertainment, coloring books, anything that will occupy their interest. Games while on the road, like the alphabet game can keep the whole car engaged.

LISTEN TO THE RADIO. Listening and singing along to good music, downloaded books or podcasts will help keep your mind engaged and active so you don’t start to drive on autopilot.

By following these tips, your next trip should be a relaxing and safe one!

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