Tips to keep car your from getting stolen

Every 46 seconds, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States. Recently, the Insurance Information Institute reported that 689,527 vehicles were reported stolen each year. It is important that you take preventative measures so you won’t become a victim of theft. Here are a few ways to help protect your vehicle.

LOCK IT UP. This seems like a simple way to keep your car from being stolen, but many people often forget to lock their doors. Keep your car locked at all times, even while you are driving to stay protected.

TAKE YOUR KEYS WITH YOU. Never leave your keys in the car. Many people put a spare key under the driver’s mat–don’t do it. This only makes things easier for thieves. Also, if your car is running, do not leave it unattended.

HIDE YOUR VALUABLES. Do not leave valuables in your car, especially within eyesight of someone passing by. It just makes your car seem more appealing to a thief.

BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PARK. Since most car thieves do their work at night, be mindful of where you park your car. A well-lit area in a highly visible area is the best place to park.

PURCHASE AN ANTI-THEFT MECHANISM. Consider buying an anti-theft mechanism that locks onto the steering wheel. Although car thieves have very little trouble removing them, often times if it is between your car with the device and the car parked next to you without it, thieves go with the easier choice.

INSTALL AN AFTERMARKET ENGINE IMMOBILIZER AND A GPS TRACKING DEVICE. The best way to protect your vehicle is to install an aftermarket engine immobilizer and a GPS tracking device like the T3 Vehicle Security System. With the 911Tracker T3 Vehicle Recovery System, you are alerted the moment that your vehicle has unauthorized movement or a pre-installed vehicle alarm goes off. The alert will show you the GPS location, speed, and direction that your vehicle is traveling, and you can easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing you to speak directly to police within seconds of the emergency. No call center is used – saving you time and money. Saving valuable time can save you, your family, your vehicle and your belongings. LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this. No other anti-theft system can do this. Want to start protecting your car or motorcycle? Contact us to learn more 877-744-3361!

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