tips for staying cool on a motorcycle

As temperatures continue to soar during the summer months, it is important to find ways to stay cool when you are riding your motorcycle. There are a lot of things to consider when you ride in the heat.  Here a few tips that will keep you cool while riding in hot temperatures.


It almost seems strange that you need to wear clothes to keep you cool.  But when your skin is exposed to hot moving air, it actually increases your body temperature and how much you sweat. So it is important to keep skin covered.  It is best to wear breathable, ventilated gear or loose clothes with moisture wicking material to help keep you cool. If you are riding in extreme high heat conditions, wetting down your clothes will provide relief from the heat.  Also keeping a cold wet bandana around your neck will help draw heat from your body.  A cooling vest is a really good investment, because it will keep your core cool.


Anytime you are in hot temperatures, it is important to drink lots of water.  When you’re on your motorcycle, the hot wind blowing over you will dehydrate you quickly.  A few ways to have enough water to drink are to:

  • Wear a camelback.  You can fill it up with half ice and half water, and it will stay nice and cold for longer rides.
  • Carry a water bottle. Fill with ice and water and stop at least once an hour to refill and to have a nice cold drink.
  • REMEMBER: All beverages are not created equally when it comes to hydration.  Only water (or perhaps a sports beverage) will sufficiently hydrate you.  Caffeine, sugary drinks, and alcohol will not keep you hydrated.


Here are a few ways that you can keep the hot sun from heating up your motorcycle:

  • Cut up a piece of sheepskin and put that on the seat, wool side out.
  • Cover your seat with a white towel when you are not on your bike.
  • Cover black gasoline tanks with a towel as well.

Protection from the heat is not a joking matter because if your body does overheat it is dangerous and can be potentially deadly.  As you are riding you might start to notice early warning signs of dehydration like a headache or cramping.  Stop and allow yourself time to drink and rehydrate.  It doesn’t take a lot for your body to overheat, make sure to take proper precautions so you can stay safe and enjoy your ride.

Tech Tip: When the T3 owner receives a notification and decides that their vehicle is being stolen, the owner can have the T3 make a 3-party call to 911-Operator located closest to the vehicle.

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