Tips for teaching your teenager to drive

When your teenager gets their learner’s permit, the first step in becoming a licensed driver, it is an exciting moment.  Even if you hire a driving instructor to help your teenager learn to drive, you will still be called upon to be their co-pilot as they practice their driving skills.  It is a big task because there is so much for them to learn.  Here are a few tips to make your job a little easier.


Knowing Your State’s Requirements

Every state has different requirements for a driver to obtain their license.  Some require a combination of classroom hours and adult-supervised behind-the-wheel training. It is important to know what is required by your state so that you are meeting those requirements.


Getting Behind the Wheel

The first time your teenager gets behind the wheel, not only will they be nervous, but you might be nervous as well. Both of you should take a deep breath and relax.   


Start lessons in a parking lot–This is a great place to begin a driver’s lesson. Your driver will have the space to really get the feel for the vehicle.  Here they can learn to turn the wheel smoothly, use the brake comfortably, and accelerate easily.  


Road Practice–After a few parking lot sessions, your teen will be ready to try the car on the road. It is always a good idea to start off on back roads and roads with less traffic. As they get increasingly comfortable behind the wheel, make sure to teach them to drive on highways, at night, and in different types of weather in order for them to learn the skills they will need as an independent driver.


Driving Independently

Eventually all those practice sessions will have paid off and your teen will be granted their driver’s license.  Once they get their license, it is important to set rules that your driver must follow when they first start driving independently.  Such as:

  • Seat belts for everyone in the car
  • No using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving
  • Follow all driving laws
  • No speeding

To ensure that your teenager is following the rules that you set, install a T3 from 911Tracker. You can check the location of your vehicle any time by sending a text message to the T3. and the T3 will respond with a text showing GPS speed, direction, and location on Google Maps™.


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