Ways to Keep Employees Safe While Driving

911Tracker Driving Safety Week LogoAs Americans we spend 41% of our time annually commuting to and from the workplace. Driving is one of the riskiest things you can do on a daily basis. A crash occurs every 5 seconds, which is one of the reasons that crashes are the leading cause of occupational deaths in the US.  Now that we know some of the facts, what can to keep ourselves and employees safe while driving on the job or commuting to and from work?

October 6-10th is Drive Safety Work Week. The goal is to educate employees and employers of the risks and how we can prevent crashes in the future.

SAFE DRIVING PROGRAMS – Employers can provide a safe driving program that would work to keep the driver and those sharing the road safe.

WRITTEN POLICIES & PROCEDURES – When a employer offers written policies and procedures to their employees they are emphasizing the commitment to their employees by helping reduce traffic related deaths.

DRIVER AGREEMENTS – Have employees sign driver agreements when they are either driving company cars or driving their own vehicle for work purposes. By the employee signing the agreement they are acknowledging awareness and understanding of the safety policies of the company they work for.

DRIVER SCREENINGS – Checking driving records before hiring a individual and while they are employed with a company can give employers peace of mine that they are hiring responsible people.


Business owners that have company vehicles need to be extra careful because of liability risk. One way to limit those risks is by installing a vehicle tracking device. As an employer you can monitor drivers to see if they are actually using vehicles for authorized projects and driving safe while on the road. Check out the T3 Recovery and GPS Device, perfect for individuals and businesses.

How are you keeping your employees safe while on the road? To learn more about how you can stay safe while on the road while commuting or driving while on the job head to Trafficsafety.org