Winter Driving

Winter is here and the roads are slick. Make sure you’re prepared for snowy weather ahead by following these winter safety tips!

1. Get Your Car Serviced – Make sure your car is in tip-top shape and ready to handle all kinds of weather.

2. Know Your Car – Familiarize yourself with your car’s safety manual. Get to know the different features of your car, especially ones that can help on wet and icy roads.

3. Stock Your Vehicle – Also be prepared for “the worst case scenario”. Pack things like a snow shovel, kitty litter, and blankets.

4. Stay Safe While Driving – Stay alert and monitor things like the gas tank. For long trips make sure to schedule driving breaks to get food, return text messages/calls and take time to stretch. Avoid risky behaviors like distracted driving and texting.

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Tech Tip: If you are concerned that your car battery is getting low while the car has been sitting for several days, just ask T3 to send you status. The T3 return message tells the voltage. If the voltage is less than 11.5V, the battery is getting low enough that the car needs to be started soon.