Wish list items for a classic car owner

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to buy a car enthusiast.  Here are a few items to get your holiday shopping started for the classic car owner in your life.

Bluetooth cassette adapter.  One thing about classic cars is that they don’t have technology in them.  If the classic car has a cassette player, this item can be used to play music from a portable Bluetooth enabled device. It will even allow you to take calls through the speakers, all without altering the authenticity of the vehicle.

Replacing your radio with a look-alike having all the features. You can have your old radio replaced with a brand new radio with all the features. These radios fit in the same space and have a panel that looks just like the original.

CarJacket. Whether your car or motorcycle is stored inside or outside, this cover blocks rust, insects, mold and anything else that could damage your vehicle. After months or years of storage, your car will emerge as pristine as when you stored it.

Tire Repair Kit.  Because you never know when you may get a flat, having a tire repair kit in your vehicle is important in case you get a flat when you are least expecting it.

Car Care Products.  Classic car owners can always use car care products because they spend a lot of time washing and detailing. Car care kits can be purchased for as little as $14.99 for a basic starter kit.

T3 Vehicle Security System.  Because your classic car is a valuable investment, protect it with the 911Tracker T3 Security System. The T3 can be discreetly and easily installed in your car and will alert you in the case of unauthorized movement or an emergency. It is a must have for the car enthusiast.

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