Tips for aging parents

One in six Americans drivers are 65 years of age or older.  Just because a person is aging doesn’t mean that they are a bad driver or should no longer be allowed to drive. In fact, many aging drivers are just as sharp behind the wheel as they were when they were younger.

Even if your aging parent is strong and in good health, you may still find yourself worrying about their safety and whereabouts when they are driving alone. Constantly checking-in on your parent is difficult for both your parent, who is used to their independence, and for you, who now has to take on the role of caretaker. You might be concerned when they are driving alone, perhaps they are sometimes forgetful or they are unreachable because their cell phone isn’t turned on. 

An easy way to give you peace of mind without having to constantly check-in is by installing the T3 from 911tracker on your aging parent’s vehicle.  It will allow you to check on their location to ensure that they have arrived home safely.  Another feature of the 911tracker is that a cell phone connection is built right into the device, so you will always be connected to the car (even when their phone isn’t turned on).  With the simple installation of the 911tracker to your parent’s vehicle, you can end your worries while allowing your parents to keep their sense of freedom and self-sufficiency while you have some peace of mind. Plus, the T3 even could let you unlock the door on their vehicle in case they locked their keys in the car.

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Tech Tip: When the T3 is in temporary Master Mode, T3 automatically sends text notification if vehicle ignition is either on or off but the vehicle starts moving.