Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

It’s that time of year again. School is starting, some students have already begun and others will grab those backpacks and lunches after labor. Regardless of when your area starts school, it’s important for motorists to be mindful when driving especially when traveling through school zones and near bus stops. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep students and motorists safe during the school year.

911Tracker back to school driving tips

Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers 

SCHOOL ZONES – When driving through school zones keep it at 15 mph and be very aware of your surroundings since many kids walk to school and could cross the street without looking.

BUS STOPS – It’s the law, but most of all kids are darting out all over the place so make sure you stop for all school buses that are loading or unloading children.

CROSSING GUARDS – Keep an eye out for crossing guards, they can walk into the road at any time to protect a child crossing the street.

STAY ALERT – Especially near the schools, bus stops and parking lots. Most children are not paying attention when walking because they are chatting with their friends or being silly so it’s our job to be as alert as possible to keep everyone safe.

NO PASSING – I know it can be frustrating to drive so slow in school zones, but there is a reason for it so don’t pass others just to get ahead a few cars. Not worth it!

HANDS FREE – Get that Bluetooth out and go hands free while driving so you can stay alert on the road.

CHANGES IN WEATHER – Fall brings changing falling leaves and wet roads which makes the roads slippery. Allow for greater stopping distance when driving on wet leaves or road.

CURBSIDE LANES – I know it’s tough when you are running late but take the few extra minutes to park in the lot instead of doing curbside. They are designed for buses and emergency vehicles. We want to keep those areas open for the proper vehicles.

CARPOOLING – When carpooling don’t overload your vehicle and make sure every passenger has a safety belt.

TEEN DRIVERS – Got a teen driver in the house? Make sure they are aware of all the rules and is keeping it safe while driving to school or really anytime they are behind the wheel.

Another way parents can keep a better on their teen by installing the 911Tracker T3 Device. It allows parents to track their teen while driving to make sure they get to their destination safely. The T3 is currently on sale through our website —-> take advantage of this deal and learn more about how the T3 Recovery Device can help the whole family stay safe while on the road.