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911Tracker visits the 13th Annual Custom & Classic Car Show

911Tracker had a wonderful time at the 13th Annual Custom & Classic Car Show held on May 4 on the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) campus. There was a record number of amazing vehicles (243) of every size, shape, and description competing for trophies.

We were delighted to see so many new faces, many of whom came by our booth to learn more about and purchase the T3. We had a great conversation with an officer who has been with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for over 20 years. He says that every morning they receive an updated list of stolen vehicles, and nationwide that list has about 200,000 vehicles! He was really impressed with the T3.

We look forward to heading back to the SVCTE campus soon to talk with the students about developing and working with T3 products.

To learn more about the T3 visit our website. 

Check out some of our photos from the event:

With T3 raffle winner, Mr. Rojas


Wish list items for a classic car owner

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to buy a car enthusiast.  Here are a few items to get your holiday shopping started for the classic car owner in your life.

Bluetooth cassette adapter.  One thing about classic cars is that they don’t have technology in them.  If the classic car has a cassette player, this item can be used to play music from a portable Bluetooth enabled device. It will even allow you to take calls through the speakers, all without altering the authenticity of the vehicle.

Replacing your radio with a look-alike having all the features. You can have your old radio replaced with a brand new radio with all the features. These radios fit in the same space and have a panel that looks just like the original.

CarJacket. Whether your car or motorcycle is stored inside or outside, this cover blocks rust, insects, mold and anything else that could damage your vehicle. After months or years of storage, your car will emerge as pristine as when you stored it.

Tire Repair Kit.  Because you never know when you may get a flat, having a tire repair kit in your vehicle is important in case you get a flat when you are least expecting it.

Car Care Products.  Classic car owners can always use car care products because they spend a lot of time washing and detailing. Car care kits can be purchased for as little as $14.99 for a basic starter kit.

T3 Vehicle Security System.  Because your classic car is a valuable investment, protect it with the 911Tracker T3 Security System. The T3 can be discreetly and easily installed in your car and will alert you in the case of unauthorized movement or an emergency. It is a must have for the car enthusiast.

Classic Cars Stolen From Hotels

When traveling to classic car shows, you will often need to park your vehicle in an unsecured hotel parking lot. This can be risky business.  Recently at a street rod festival in Louisville, Kentucky, one owner had his 1969 Camaro Super Sport, valued at $40,000-$60,000, stolen from the hotel parking lot as he slept. Then again at the Good Guys show in Pleasanton, CA a 1957 Chevy was stolen in its trailer from the hotel parking lot which was estimated over $125K in insurance coverage! These thefts happen more often than you think, so it is important to protect your vehicle.

Taking a multi-tiered approach to protecting your vehicle is your best option.  Your vehicle should have adequate insurance based on its value and use steering wheel locks to keep thieves away.  While these protective measures are a deterrent, the best way to secure your vehicle is by installing an aftermarket engine immobilizer and GPS tracking device like the T3 Vehicle Security System.

Even if your classic car has an all metal dashboard, the T3 Vehicle Security System can easily be placed under the seat of your vehicle.  With the 911Tracker T3 Vehicle Recovery System, you are alerted the moment that your vehicle has unauthorized movement or a pre-installed vehicle alarm goes off. The alert will show you the GPS location, speed, and direction that your vehicle is traveling, and you can easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing you to speak directly to police within seconds of the emergency.  No call center is used – saving you time and money.  Saving valuable time can save you, your family, your vehicle and your belongings.  LoJack® doesn’t do this.  No other anti-theft system can do this. Want to start protecting your car or motorcycle? Contact us to learn more 877-744-3361!

TECH TIP: If a the vehicle has an existing alarm system, T3 can also sense if it has been triggered and will send notification to the owner.

Classic Car Storage Tips–Winterizing Your Classic Car

While you soak in these last few warm and sunny days, it might be hard to believe that the cold and snow is on its way.  But, it will be here before you know it, so it is time to think about storing your classic car.  It is best to put the work into your car now before your car goes into storage, so that after you survive the cold, dark days of winter, your car is ready to go on that first beautiful spring day.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

Routine Maintenance.  Before you begin winterizing, make sure you address any routine maintenance issues. It is easier to get them done now, so you don’t need to worry about them over the winter.  So get a tune-up or replace that taillight bulb before you store your vehicle.

Fill up the gas tank.  Fill the tank completely and add a fuel stabilizer to it. Once you do that, take the car around the block a few times so it can work through the system.  By filling the tank, it will also cut down on the amount of water that might condense in the gas tank.

Replace fluids.  Replace fluids such as coolant, brake and transmission fluids . And make sure when changing the oil, you replace the filter as well. This will protect your vehicle from corrosion.

Disconnect the battery.  Disconnect or remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place. You can prevent the battery from dying by hooking it up to a charger while it is in storage. – If your car is in a safe place, and you disconnect your battery you can still use your T3 in a separate vehicle you just need our Cable Kit T.

Reduce tire pressure/Remove tires. Should you inflate, deflate or your tires?  Many car enthusiasts have varying opinions about what to do with the tires.  Here are two options: remove them or deflate them.  If you remove the tires,place the car on jack stands which will help to preserve shocks.  If you do this be sure to overinflate your tires slightly because they will lose pressure over the cold winter months.  If you don’t have jack stands, your other option is to reduce the pressure in the tires. This will alleviate strain on the suspension system.

Wash, Wax and Cover.  After washing and drying your vehicle, add another layer of protection by waxing it with a high quality wax.  Vacuum and shampoo interiors and be sure to use an interior wax inside to prevent drying and cracking of surfaces.  Store some mothballs inside the car, under the dash and in the tailpipe to discourage critters from making your car their home. Cover with a breathable car cover to prevent mold and allow dry to air circulate.

These are just a few tips to get you started to winterize your classic car. As you talk more to other classic car owners, you will get lots of tips and advice.  The most important thing is to follow a plan that works for you and your classic car. 

Tech Tip: If your vehicle has an emergency or a crash, the driver can turn off the key and sound the horn for at least 8 seconds and T3 will send a vehicle alarm to the owner (and authorized emergency contacts). This assumes you had the yellow wire connected to the vehicle horn during the installation and that your horn does sound with the key off.


Protect more than one car with a Cable Kit T

Do you own more than one vehicle? No problem! You can protect them all with ONE T3! Want to know how?

With a Cable-Kit-T!

A Cable-Kit-T allows for you to plugin the T3 on your vehicle whenever you need it!  Switch it freely from your primary vehicle to your weekend ride, or your classic show stopper. The Cable-Kit-T is easy to install and works in a snap. The kit gives you the option to move the Vehicle Security Tracker from your primary vehicle to other vehicles so that you have protection when you need it!

Why would you want to move your 911Tracker? We can think of a few good reasons:

* Car enthusiasts like to surround themselves with the things that they love most, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you have a few rides in your driveway.

* Classic cars are fun to own but typically more of a weekend ride. So although you may want it to be your primary car, you probably have a spare in your garage.

* Although you would like to drive your motorcycle every day the weather doesn’t always allow for that to happen which is when your car or truck is the next best option.

By having the flexibility to move your T3 you can protect all of your vehicles when you need to. We recommend installing your Cable-Kit-T when you are heading out of town, going to a crowded venue, traveling, parking in an unknown/unsafe area. That way your Vehicle has a voice even if you are a thousand miles away. Click here to read more about the T3.

Want one of your own? Enter to win a $50 gift card to purchase one on Amazon! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spring Cleaning: Classic Car Prep

classic car prepCar Show Season is upon us! Which means it’s time to start airing out your vehicle and performing a series of checks to ensure that you have enough time to take your car out for a spin as soon as that first show drives into town!

Whether you winterized your vehicle or not, you need to complete a thorough investigation and CHECK EVERYTHING! To help get you started we’ve compiled a list of hot spot areas that tend to need a tune up from over the winter:

  • Check and change the fluids.
  • Test your wipers.
  • Tires – do they need air, are they flat or spotted?
  • Open the hood – how does your wiring look? Sometimes animals chew through some of the wires over the winter, so make sure nothing is disconnected.
  • Take a look under your car to make sure nothing leaked.
  • Test your lights. And don’t forget to check your brake lights!
  • Charge your battery.
  • Run your car for a few minutes before taking it out for a spin. As the car is running look under the vehicle again to make sure nothing started leaking.
  • Wash, dust and polish. You are ready for a drive!

Another thing to consider before heading to your first car show is installing a T3, because classic car shows are notorious for being targeted for theft opportunities. When installing a T3 on your classic car you have two options: a standard T3 or a Cable-Kit-T which would allow for you to plug in your T3  at the show and then move it back to your daily vehicle once you arrive home. By having a T3 installed while attending out of town shows you are able to react quicker if your car has unauthorized movement. Just set your T3 to Master mode, and it will alert you the moment the vehicle is moved. You instantly receive access to the GPS coordinates, speed, and direction that your vehicle is moving. As well as easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing them to dispatch an officer. Helping bring your beauty back where it belongs and not gone forever.

Interested in purchasing your own T3 or Cable-Kit-T? Head to We are also giving one lucky reader a chance to WIN $50 to Amazon so that you can use your gift card to put towards protecting your vehicle! Or of course, to pick up other car show preparation products! Head here to enter!

Protecting your classic car at a Car Show

Protecting your car while at a car show

With car show season around the corner, preparation is in full swing!  Ecklers Corvette really explained the preparation and emotion behind car shows best in their post Safeguarding Their Classic where they said ” You’ve been preparing for this show all year. Your hotel reservations have been made for months and you and your buddies came out a day early to make sure you’d get to the show early to secure the best spots. You haven’t been working on her all year to park her in the back row. Waking up this morning wasn’t hard, even though falling asleep last night was. You quickly scan the hotel room to make sure you have everything you need. Polish– check. Favorite cloth– check. Keys– check. You’re all set. You grab a coffee and a Danish from the lobby and you and the boys are on your way. As you leave, everyone teases you about winning best in show, but you know it’s yours. You get out to the parking lot and everyone disperses to their rightful vehicles. You look at the spot where you’d left her the night before. It’s empty. You stop dead in your tracks and blink in disbelief, quickly convincing yourself that you must have forgotten about moving her. Panic starts to set in. Your heart is racing, palms sweating. You frantically scan the parking lot and she’s nowhere in sight. This cannot be happening.”

But unfortunately it does happen. Classic car shows are notorious for being targeted for theft opportunities. And the perfect example of why every classic car should have a T3. Even if the owner just uses the Cable-Kit-T to plug in the T3  for the show and then moves the T3 back to their daily car once they arrive back home. By having one installed while on the road at shows you are able to react quicker if your car has unauthorized movement. Just set your T3 into Master mode, and it will alert you the moment the vehicle is moved. Where you then can instantly receive access to the GPS coordinates, speed, and direction that the vehicle is moving. And easily connect to the 911-Operator closest to your vehicle, allowing them to dispatch an officer. Helping bring your beauty back where it belongs and not gone forever.

Interested in purchasing your own T3 or Cable-Kit-T? You are in luck today we are giving one lucky reader $50 to Amazon, so that you can use your gift card to put towards protecting your vehicle! Or of course to pick up other car show preparation products! Entering is easy just use the Rafflecopter widget below.
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GoodGuys West Coast Nationals 2015 Highlights

The Goodguys Car Show in Pleasanton was a great experience for all of us seeing all those amazing cars and the thousands of hours that went into them — it’s a real labor of love!


We were especially excited to show off the new features for 911Tracker T3 and 911SafeTrack S4 including Smartphone Apps and the text message that permits the owner to enable or disable the starter.


Visitors that own Harley-Davidson motorcycles were pleased to hear that Harley-Davidson San Jose is now a 911SafeTrack Authorized Dealer for the S4 Vehicle Security System.


Booth visitors really liked the Silver Summer Special – entering in our giveaways that happened throughout the weekend. We are currently having a summer sale on the T3-SS3 — T3 Vehicle Recovery System which includes the T3 AND a three-month Premium Silver Service plus free shipping in the USA for only $199. 


We even had a chance to have a little fun too interacting with some of our youngest fans. We are already looking forward to the next West Coast Nationals, and other GoodGuys events that happen throughout the year. Just check out these cool rides!




GoodGuys West Coast Nationals Giveaway

We are huge fans of The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association. Goodguys presents events throughout the country which promote and produce some of the world’s most dynamic automotive events.

The Goodguys are car people, and love to hang with other car enthusiasts which is why Gary Meadors founded it in 1983. Goodguys is the world’s largest hot rodding association with over 70,000 active members worldwide. Goodguys events feature thousands of candy colored hot rods and customs, tricked out trucks, mighty muscle cars and regal classics sprawled throughout venues such as lush fairgrounds, super speedways and large outdoor stadiums. The cars, the vendor exhibits, the adrenaline-pumping Goodguys AutoCross, the live entertainment and colorful people create a festive atmosphere charged with electricity. Goodguys offers over 20 events annually across the country from the coast to coast and border to border.

911Tracker Goodguys Nationals

911Tracker will be at the Goodguys West Coast Nationals at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA on August 21st through 23rd. Featuring over 30,000 Rods, Customs, Classics, Muscle Cars and Trucks thru ’72. 911Tracker will be one of the many vendors showcasing our T3 GPS Device and other products that keep vehicles and families safe at all times. Families and car enthusiasts can also enjoy the Model & Pedal Car Show, Swap Meet, Arts & Crafts, Live Entertainment, kids activities to keep the little ones busy plus much more!

911Tracker Goodguys win tickets

You can now win a set of 2 tickets to the West Coast Nationals by entering below. We will be 2 winners, so you have double the chance to win. We will announce winners by August 15th via email and winners will have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen.  Good Luck and we hope to see many of you at the West Coast Nationals later this month.
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Summer Car Shows Throughout the United States

Summer is car show season, and car shows make for a fun day or evening browsing through all the different hot rods and classic cars. It’s a perfect event so show off your classic car or maybe check out a classic car that you are interested in. There are so many car shows throughout the United States. Get the family, pack a cooler and enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes by heading to a car show near you!

911Tracker Summer Car Shows

Summer Car Shows Throughout the United States 

Car Craft Summer Nationals – Living in our around the Minnesota area? Head over to Car Craft Summer Nationals presented by Chevrolet happening July 17th -19th with over 5,400 muscle cars. Perfect family event with different contests and attractions.

Summer Showdown Car Show & Silent Auction – This is happening on July 18th in Louisville KY. Trophies will be given out to the Top 40 vehicles and proceeds from the Summer Showdown Car Show will benefit the Michael Feger Paralysis Foundation. There will also be several vendors to check out plus a 50/50, silent auction, face painting for the kiddos plus much more.

Madison Classics – Happens August 1st and 2nd in Madison Wisconsin. This car show offers over 1,300 car part vendors, perfect for finding the parts you need for your car projects. There are also hundreds of cars for sale so if you are looking for a new classic, this is the spot to check out. With over 13,000 spectators this swapmeet is a great place for vendors to sell their cars, car parts and car accessories.

Branson Summer Cruise – This Summer Cruise happens in Branson, Missouri and is on August 6th through 8th. It features the Show’n’Shine with over 500 cars and trucks on display at The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead. Don’t miss this fantastic weekend of fun!

Danville Hot Summer Nights – Happening in Danville California this car show takes place on July 16th and then again on August 13th. There will be fun for every member of the family. See the cars your parents had, cars you had as a teenager in high school, cars you wish you had, cars you never saw or will see again!

GoodGuys Car Shows –  Goodguys produces some of the world’s most dynamic automotive events. Goodguys is the world’s largest hot rodding association with over 70,000 active members worldwide. Goodguys events feature thousands of candy colored hot rods and customs, tricked out trucks, mighty muscle cars and regal classics. Their events happen throughout the year around the country. 911Tracker will be at the West Coast Nationals in Alameda CA in August, check it out and all the other GoodGuys Car Shows happening around the United States.

We’ve only touched on a few of the many car shows happening throughout the United States, know of a show we didn’t mention? Tell us about it and we will add it to the list. If you’ve never been to a car show it can be a bit intimidating, but with these tips you will be a car show pro in no time.