GoodGuys West Coast Nationals 2015 Highlights

The Goodguys Car Show in Pleasanton was a great experience for all of us seeing all those amazing cars and the thousands of hours that went into them — it’s a real labor of love!


We were especially excited to show off the new features for 911Tracker T3 and 911SafeTrack S4 including Smartphone Apps and the text message that permits the owner to enable or disable the starter.


Visitors that own Harley-Davidson motorcycles were pleased to hear that Harley-Davidson San Jose is now a 911SafeTrack Authorized Dealer for the S4 Vehicle Security System.


Booth visitors really liked the Silver Summer Special – entering in our giveaways that happened throughout the weekend. We are currently having a summer sale on the T3-SS3 — T3 Vehicle Recovery System which includes the T3 AND a three-month Premium Silver Service plus free shipping in the USA for only $199. 


We even had a chance to have a little fun too interacting with some of our youngest fans. We are already looking forward to the next West Coast Nationals, and other GoodGuys events that happen throughout the year. Just check out these cool rides!