Preventing Motorcycle Theft with 911Tracker

Having your bike stolen is most likely one of the nastiest things that can happen, in our opinion worse than crashing it. Once it’s stolen you may never get it back, sure you can collect the insurance money to purchase a new one but losing something that you’ve worked so hard to get makes it hard to replace and is very frustrating and disheartening.

With a huge number of bikes being stolen around the world every year, we believe that these tips will help you secure your property better and enjoy your motorcycle for years to come.

Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Types of Bike Thieves 

Professionals – They are looking for certain bikes and manufacturing years, even colors, and it’s these guys who author the biggest chunk of all thefts.

Criminals – who use motorcycles as getaway vehicles because they are fast and extremely maneuverable.

Joy Riders  – they just want to ride, and they’ll most likely abandon your machine later into the night.

Protecting Your Motorcycle 

You may think that you live in a quite neighborhood and having your bike stolen is the furthest from your mind. Just remember…most of the time it has nothing to do with your bike. if a thief is after your ride, he will track your movement around the city, learn your habits and strike, when you’re in the city with your bike, or sleeping and the bike is in your garage.

So if you feel like adding some protection to your ride, you better do things right. There is no middle road: you either leave your bike as it is and hope for the best, or do your research and  and take some precautions that really do work.

Protection Tips 

Out of Sight Out of Mind – Your bike is safer if it remains unseen. The best way to do this is by parking your bike inside a garage, or in a guarded parking lot. If you don’t have private parking try covering your bike.

Steering lock – Motorcycles have had steering lock systems for awhile now. All you need to do is remember lock your steering a great first-step defense against bike theft and in the case of less experienced criminals, it might save you big time.

Lock It –  For those getaway thieves or those looking for a joy ride they will not want to take the time or effort in taking off a locking device.

Hide Keys & Title –  If you store your bike in the garage, make sure you don’t leave the keys there. Once inside your garage, the thieves already have plenty of tools to carry out their plan so it’s no use helping them. The same goes for the papers: if they’ve got your papers, they’ll be able to effortlessly make it past policemen before the bike is reported stolen.

Security System –  If you really want peace of mind, locking your bike with a high tech security systems is quite a good idea. A chain AND a disc lock, a U-lock and  or alarm can deter some thieves but not all. Installing a device such as the T3 GPS Device allows the owner to be in charge.

It is also encouraged to the install a theft prevention devices (alarms, ignition locks, kill switches) as well as a vehicle tracking system to help make it easier to recover a vehicle should it be stolen. When you install the 911Tracker in your vehicle you have a 90% chance of it being recovered within a 24 hour period which limits the amount of damage that could occur during the time of the car being stolen.

When installing a 911Tracker Tracker on your motorcycle you are fully protected at all time unlike other anti-theft devices.  The T3 GPS Device protects like no others, not only for motorcycles but vehicles as well.


Benefits of Installing the T3 GPS Tracker 

* Gives you the location of your vehicle allowing you to recover it.

* Saves you money because it can lower your car insurance.

* If you parked your car with your T3 in Master mode, you will receive notification as soon as your vehicle is moved. This is perfect for when parking at the airport, auto body shop or valet.

* When you are talking to 911 on the 3-way call from the T3, the 911-Operator will see your vehicle location using their normal E-911 screen. If the 911-Operator presses 3, the T3 will voice the real-time speed, heading, and pinpoint GPS location.

* T3 includes a vehicle starter disable/enable relay that you can control by sending your secure text message to prevent the thief from re-starting your car.

* The 911Tracker has a back up battery so if the thief disconnects the vehicle battery you are still protected.

Tracking devices are highly-effective in protecting against theft and hijacking, and for assisting in the recovery of your stolen vehicle and or motorcycles. To learn more about the 911Tracker and how we are making a difference head to our website.