Remote Keyless Systems Are Vulnerable To Car Theft

The landscape of car theft is changing. Car owners think they are safe because of built in security systems and with newer cars having a keyless entry, but now those items are not enough to keep a theft from breaking in.

Cars with a keyless entry system are capable of searching for a wireless key fob that is within a couple of feet from the vehicle. You might think, what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that now high tech thieves can use a simple inexpensive device called an power amplifier to boost the key searching capabilities which makes it much easier for the thief to break in.  The thing is once the thief uses the amplifier they don’t even need your key to get into your car, even if the key is inside your house. They can unlock your doors and start the engine instead of using  a physical key…yep! Pretty crazy!

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Remote keyless systems are vulnerable to car theft, but you can do something about it. Here are 5 ways you can protect yourself and vehicle.

Hide Keys – This seems to be a bit excessive but when you’ve had this type of theft happen to you then you will be up for anything. Hide your keys in the freezer because the freezer blocks the wireless signal and the amplifier will not be able to search for the key.

Lock Door Manually – This might take some adjustment because we are conditioned to remotely lock our doors. The jammers block the signal from the key fob to the car, but they can’t unlock the doors without the appropriate code.

Stay Aware – Constantly be alert of your surroundings. If you park your vehicle in the street or parking lot on a daily basis and notice people loitering and they seem suspicious call the police.

Look for Radio Jammers – Metal or plastic boxes sized and shaped like a portable radio and will 1-4 antennas. If you find one nearby consider calling the FCC to see if they want to get involved. There could be car thefts happening in your area that you are not aware of yet.

Protect Your Vehicle – Using a device like the 911Tracker T3 GPS Recovery Device may not stop the thieve from getting into your car BUT it can help recover your vehicle FAST. Unlike other anti-theft devices the T3 Devices requires – No activation fee, No contracts or cancellation fees + You may cancel a plan or begin a new plan at any time.  One of the things that 911Tracker prides itself with is that our T3 gives the owner Complete privacy – Your secret PIN gives you complete control and our T3 offers Complete security – Location text goes direct to your phone; No Internet. To learn how our T3 can benefit you and your vehicle head to our website.