San Jose Double Car Theft – How it could of been avoided!

If you live around the San Jose area you may have heard about one family’s experience with car theft. The Stewart family not only had one car stolen but two cars stolen within a matter of hours of one another. It all started at the Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose where the wife of Daniel Stewart was being treated for multiple sclerosis.

The first vehicle was stolen out of the hospital parking lot and then the thief went to the Stewart family home and stole their 2nd vehicle right out of their driveway. To make matter worse, Daniel Stewart’s wallet was inside the trunk of the car so not only did the thief steal 2 vehicles, but also a wallet filled with credit cards. Full Story Below…

Wondering how the heck something like this could of happened to one family? You see, Daniel lost his keys which the thief found which made it very easy for him to find the vehicle and steal it.  Sets of keys for both vehicles were on the set of keys that were stolen. To make it even easier for the thief to steal the 2nd car the registration and insurance were found in the car which gave the thief the Stewart’s home address.

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There are many ways car theft can be avoided and things we can do after a car theft occurs that can protect you and your family. One way that Daniel is now doing to protect his vehicles and family is by installing the T3 GPS Recovery Device.

After we heard the story of the Stewart family’s misfortune we offered Daniel one of our T3 Devices to use in the 1 vehicle that was found, still looking for the 2nd vehicle. If the T3 was in the vehicle at the time of the theft Daniel could of easily found out if the car moved from the parking location and also get a GPS location of the vehicle which would make it easier for the police to find the stolen car.

Since Daniel has had the T3 Device in his car he and his family has felt more secure. It’s already come in handy. Because of the T3 GPS capabilities  Daniel was able to check the location of his wife while she was traveling to work. Because of her job at the San Jose courthouse it’s very important for her NOT to be late. That particular day Jennifer was delayed because of traffic and forgot her cell phone at home so she couldn’t call her place of work to notify them of the situation. Daniel was able to see exactly where Jennifer’s car was located and estimated how long it would take her to get to the court house. Daniel was able to call the court house and give them ETA, so the problem was averted.

Daniel and his family are very happy with how the T3 has given them peace of mind and a sense of security that they didn’t have before.

TESTIMONIAL: “The 911Tracker has brought me the ability to know where my vehicle is at any given time. If the vehicle moves for any reason I can get an instant text with immediate latitude and longitude, speed, direction, and peace of mind my loved ones are safe. Also if for some reason my teenager trys to sneak and take the car while I am away I can use the tracker, via text, to shut off the ignition before she even trys to take it…. INVALUABLE!!!” 

Check out how the 911Tracker T3 GPS Recovery Device can help you and your family and see our Winter Specials on our 911Tracker products.