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Car Finds for Your Valentine

Does your Valentine spend a great deal of time in her car, getting everyone where they need to be? Show her how much you appreciate her by helping her keep her car fun, safe and organized with items like these:

Valentine’s Day is all about the sparkle.. so give her a ring for her car! 

Polarized sunglasses to protect her eyes:

A travel mug so her coffee stays hot:

A backseat organizer to clear the clutter: 

A cordless vacuum…because nobody wants crumbs:

A roadside emergency kit so she’s always prepared: 

A T3 Tracker from 911Tracker to help keep her vehicle safe:

T3 TECH TIP: When T3 is in normal Auto/Guard Mode, T3 automatically sends text notification if vehicle ignition is off but the vehicle starts moving (such as being towed).

5 Car Accessories to be Thankful for

5 car accessories to be thankful for!

Here at 911Tracker we have so much to be thankful for. Good friends, great customers, and amazing car accessories! Here are 5 of our favorites

key finderNever lose your car keys again with the Tile Key Tracker!


Protect your vehicle by installing a T3 Vehicle Security Device from 911Tracker. If your vehicle has unauthorized movement you will receive a notification on your cell phone stating the location, speed and direction that your vehicle is going AND has the ability to connect you directly to the 911 call center closest to your vehicle. Be prepared!

jumper pack

Be prepared with the Cyntur JumperPack Mini jump starter it has everything you need in case of a car emergency!

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Stop dropping things in between the center console and your seat with the Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler.


Stick things to your dashboard with the Dash Grip!

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone GIVEAWAY

In honor of Father’s Day throughout the month of June we will be celebrating dads. We know how much dads love fooling around with any sort of gadgets. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 10 tech gadgets that any dad or tech lover would swoon over. One of our favorite tech gadgets is made for those car loves that may not have a bluetooth system built-in.

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone allows drivers to stay connected without even touching their phone. As we know in many states driving while using a cellphone is illegal which is smart so everyone on the road can stay safe while driving. The Jabra allows you to make calls hands free and also listen to music through pandora or music stored on your phone.

911 bluetooth speakerphone giveaway logo

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone GIVEAWAY

Now you can win a Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone for that tech-loving dad or even safe it for yourself. All you need to do is enter below….easy as that! Good Luck and Happy Father’s Day to all those cool dads out there!

Giveaway starts June 1st and ends June 3oth. One random winner will be selected and emailed.
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Car Clubs – Which One is Right for You?

Are you a person that can’t get enough of cars? Whether you are into classics, sports or luxury cars a car club might be right for you, but which one would be the BEST FIT? If you are unfamiliar with car clubs, it’s basically a community of people that share a common interest in all sorts of vehicles. Car Clubs can be organized by enthusiasts around a type of car, brand or similar interest. Now the only questions is, which car club is right for you?

911Tracker Car Clubs

Traditional Car Clubs 

The more traditional clubs historically have been off line. Just like most clubs there are membership fees which vary from club to club. Once you join you get benefits such as support including messages from members, service and parts advice and sale items. Traditional car clubs also have meets which are for members and those interested in becoming a member. Members can participate in races, cruising and shows. It’s a great way for people with the same interests to come together.

Traditional car clubs were historically “off line” but now with mass online media and support they have now added a online presence. This would be a great way for those interested in different clubs to get a closer look at what the club has to offer without leaving their sofa.

Internet Car Clubs 

As our lives continue to get busier and busier  and with the rage of the internet and social media car clubs have moved online. These online communities can attract a large number of members. Unlike traditional clubs, the content is open to all and for free. It’s a great resource for people looking to purchase a certain car or for newbie enthusiasts.

Just as traditional clubs internet communities provide forums and content about vehicle specifications, driving characteristics, repair information and photo sharing. Since the club can have members from anywhere you have a larger reach if you are trying to purchase or sell a particular vehicle or looking for a certain part for your vehicle. Members will also have the opportunity to easily get information and links to YouTube videos and Podcasts that you normally wouldn’t of heard of.

So now you have a choice to make. Are you interested in more of a traditional car club or love being online so would a internet club be your first choice. Whatever choice you make know that you will have many opportunities to educate yourself about your vehicle, meet individuals with the same interests and learn new ways you can take care of your vehicle through a community.

Finding Interesting Things for Your Car

Car clubs are great for discovering new things for your car.  Other members are often coming up with new ways to make a car more comfortable for a long drive, improve the appearance, or enhance the safety & security such as a device that alerts you of a theft and connects you to 911 closest to your car.

Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to take your hobby to the next level by joining a car club or a individual wanting to keep your family and vehicle safe at all times  our T3 GPS Device is perfect for any car owner. Now, you can have a chance to win one because EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

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Car Enthusiast Gift Guide 2014

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that car lover in your life? We’ve come up with a fun assortment of automotive-focused products sure to make your car enthusiast very happy throughout the year. If you want to express the holidays in an automotive way, there’s something in here for everyone!

911 2014 gift guide

SiriusXM Radio Subscription – Perfect gift for those wary travelers. You can travel coast to coast with virtually commercial free with XM radio. there was no way I could give up virtually commercial-free radio. The all-access radio package offers automotive and internet radio for $199 a year.

Ultimate Racing Thrill – What car enthusiast wouldn’t want to experience racing in a exotic car? With Cloud 9 Living your car lover can get behind the wheel of their dream car on a real race track and push the limits. Remember, experiences last a lifetime!

Custom Miniature Car Builds – With Ridemakerz you and the little car lover in your life could have hours of fun building custom cars and trucks. You can choose some classics or favorites from Disney too.

Pamper Your Grease Monkey – When working in a body shop all day your hands can become a complete mess. These gifts from Busted Knuckle Garage offers a variety of fun and practical items for any car lovers. Some of our favorites include the Mechanic’s Hand Salve, Lip Balm, Muscle Easing Salve, Hand Soap and more.

Smartphone Apps – Purchase  your car lover a iTunes Gift Card with suggestions of cool apps that they will love but may not of thought of before. Here are a few suggestions – Car Minder Plus and Torque. Car Minder Plus that will run on any apple device and it designed to help the car owner to be more mindful of their vehicles maintenance schedule and fuel consumption. The Torque app is for any Android device that works with your cars OBDII to give drivers real time statistics and information about their car.

GPS & Theft Recovery Device – We are saving our favorite gift for last! The 911Tracker GPS Recovery Device will top all gifts this year. The T3 isn’t your run of the mill security system, it does a much better job than the build in car security systems plus offers many other features. When purchasing a car tracking device like the 911Tracker, it benefits car owners by giving them peace of mind that their car is really secure. You can now purchase a T3 with a savings of over $100,  and if you are feeling lucky enter to win a T3 Recovery Device just in time for the holidays.

What are you giving that car enthusiast in your life this holiday season?







Road Trips – Essentials When Traveling with Kids

Road Trips with KidsAs the school year draws to a close we begin to think about summer vacations. At least once throughout the summer families take some sort of road trip. Whether you are traveling just for a few hours or days, there are things you will want to have in your vehicle when traveling with children.


Road Trips – Essentials When Traveling with Kids

Bathroom Supplies – You never know when one of your kids (or yourself) will need to go to the bathroom. You could be on the road with no bathroom in site for miles. Make sure you have a few rolls of toilet paper, paper towel, wipes on hand in case you need to stop on the side of the road. These items also will work out well to clean the kiddos up after eating or if they get sick in the car.

Travel Games – Having some compact travel games on hand that the kids can do themselves is key to a more peaceful ride. They are also easy to store in the pocket behind the seat so the kids can grab a game when they want to.

Healthy Foods – Having foods on hand is a great way to save money and time while traveling. Pack a cooler with your favorite healthy snacks and drinks. You can even pack a lunchbox for each child with their food options, this will limit auguring among the siblings.

Electronics – Nothing entertains children more than movies or a tablet where they can play games or read books. If you don’t have a built in DVD unit in your vehicle you can get a Dual DVD player for under $200 which work very well. You can also limit the time they are on these devices so they can time to do other things.

Books – Purchase some books that the kids can read during the road trip. If you are heading to a new state or town that you have never been before try to find books that are age appropriate so they can learn more about their vacation spot.

Safety Kits – You never know what mishaps will happen during a road tip, plus you want to stay safe when you get to our destination. This Travel-Tot Kit gives you all the necessary equipment for you to childproof hotel rooms or even grandma’s house. The kit includes; finger pinch guard, electrical outlet plug covers, foam corner guards, door knob cover, cord wind-up, sliding door lock, cabinet lock, multi-purpose straps, water thermometer, bandages, forehead thermometer, and “shhh, Travel-Tot sleeping” door hanger.

We hope these tips help make your road trips less stressful. What are some of your favorite road trip tips when traveling with kids?

911Tracker Traveling with kids giveaway

To make your road trip go even smoother we are giving away a $60 Gas Card and a Travel First Aid Kit. With these items you will save money while on the road and have peace of mind that you will be prepared on your road trip.

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Classic Car Theft on the Rise

classic car protectionClassic Car theft is on the rise, so much so that the police created a network to help recover these stolen vehicles.  Stolen classic cars are happening throughout the United States but is more prevalent in Southern California.

Classic cars are targeted because they are easy to sell overseas. People would pop them in containers and ship them overseas and a lot of them were a “for order situation”.  Classic cars are worth much more than the average new vehicle and most times the classic car is one of a kind.

Most of the time when a classic call is stolen it’s never found because of the lacking built in security system that newer cars have.  For that reason classic cars are far more difficult to track.

There are a few things you can do to protect your classic vehicle from being stolen.

Classic Car Protection

Keep Verifiable Records – Be sure the VIN and title information match that of your car.  Something like this that is overlooked, could create huge problems later if your vehicle is ever stolen, and law enforcement is attempting to recover it.

Be Smart At Car Shows – When visiting car shows, or even taking your classic car out for a spin around the neighborhood, make it a habit to check your rear view mirror!  Professional car thieves actually go to these events in search of their next target.

Be Careful When Selling – When selling your classic car be wary of the payment method, 150 cashier’s checks is not the best way to except payment because they could be bogus. The best payment options would be wire transfer.

Trust You Mechanic –   If you take your classic vehicle for restoration to a body shop, or mechanic make sure they have a good security system so your vehicle is protected at all times.

Embrace Technology – Since classic cars do not have built in security system you need to install something that you feel will protect your vehicle while not in use. There are many choices to choose from especially our own T3 Tracker. You can now save when purchasing a tracker which saves you $95.

To learn more about the advantages of installing a T3 Tracker in your classic car – GO HERE! 




Top Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Got a car enthusiasts in your life that you have no idea what to buy for them this Christmas? Here are 5 last minute gifts that are sure to make any car buff happy. Give the gift of a clean or safer driving with car care products and accessories.

Park Zone


The Park Zone PZ-1900 Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Aid works like a traffic light to tell you that your vehicle is parked in the correct spot. Just hang the Park Zone on the rear wall of the garage and the sensor will tell you when to approach and when to stop.


pet pad


No one wants to get their car dirty from their pet. The Pet Pad is constructed with a rip-stop nylon backing and is waterproof, so it’s very abuse resistant for even the most crazy animals.


vintage racing iphone cover



Everyone has cool iphone covers – this Vintage Racing Cover is sleek and lightweight and great for a stocking stuffer.



car detailing kit


If you love your car, you love to keep it clean. Even in those cold winter months. The Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit has everything you need to keep your car shining and looking like new 365 days a year.


vehicle wrapVehicle Wraps are HOT this year. You’ve probably seen wraps on buses and commercial vehicles. Now they become relatively inexpensive and a alternative to paint. Its easy to apply & remove without damaging the paint. These wraps, have also become popular with car enthusiasts seeking a quick new look without the cost of paint

paint defener System


The Paint Defender System system is a great gift because it protects your car from bugs, stone chips, and other minor hazards. Designed for the do-it-yourselfer and comes with everything you need and lasts for a year or more.


docking station


There is no need to spend extra money for build in DVD systems for your vehicle when you can now purchase the NSV Universal Docking System. The NSV docking system fits every iPad, every tablet, every smart phone and any smart device invented in the future.  It only takes a few seconds to install and transforms any vehicles seats into an entertainment center.




Our list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the 911Tracker device. As you know our T3 keeps families safe, helps prevent accidents, stops thief, and keeps an eye on those #teendrivers, elderly family members or sneaky spouses. You can now win your own by entering our Facebook Giveaway or if you can’t wait you can save when you purchase our T3 Bundle.


Have fun shopping! Do you have any other fun gift ideas for those car loves in our lives?