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DIY Easy Car Cleaning Tips

It doesn’t matter if you drive a new, used or classic vehicle you want to keep it looking new for years to come. As we hear more and more about how products are affecting our environment and personal health we want to make sure we are using products to protect our vehicle and the environment too. Here are some easy GREEN ways you can keep that car looking new without wasting water or hurting the environment.

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Go Waterless – This may surprise you but you can clean your vehicle without water. You can purchase eco-friendly “waterless car wash” products. Our favorite is EcoTouch. With using a simple  microfiber towel you can get your vehicle looking brand new without any water at all. You can even make your own cleaner and place in a spray bottle. All you need to do is spray the cleaner over the dirty parts of the vehicle and simply wipe with a cloth and then buff the area with another dry cloth.

Use Vinegar – Soak a nonabrasive rag with a vinegar water solution and then rub off the dried on bugs. Make sure you rinse well with water afterwards because vinegar can strip the car’s finish.

Got Sap or Tar? Try this – Open up your pantry and grab some peanut butter or shortening to get rid of sap or tar on the exterior. All you need to do is dab a bit on the spot and let it sit for a few minutes then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Then clean as you normally would.

Use A Squeegee – The best thing to use when washing any sort of window is to use a squeegee. You will get the cleanest windows and best of all you are not wasting a ton of paper towel.

Baking Soda – You can easily soak up odors using simple baking soda, it’s non-toxic and cost almost nothing. Just sprinkle on your cloth seats, car mats, interior carpet and let sit for about 30 minutes then vacuum it up.

DIY Armor All – In a small container mix together 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts olive oil. Dab small amounts onto a cloth and rub it all over the dashboard and other plastic or vinyl surfaces. You can also take a old toothbrush using the solution to work in those hard to reach places. After you are done buff off with a clean rag. Use a container with lid so if you have any extra oil solution save it for future uses.

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To help you get your vehicle ready for Spring we are offering a fun Car Care Giveaway from Eco Touch . Throughout National Car Care Month we will be sharing tips on how to keep your car running and looking new, keep your car safe from theft and ways you can stay safe while on the road. Our goal is to make sure businesses, individuals and families to provide a rapid, affordable, and superior safety/security access to public safety by developing systems that will save lives and protect property worldwide.

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5 DIY Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

Car maintenance can become a bit overwhelming, which is why most of the time we leave it to the professionals. But, when it comes to routine maintenance there are many things you can do yourself that will cut back on automotive expenses. Here are 5 DIY Vehicle Maintenance Tasks that takes 30 minutes or less.

911Tracker DIY Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

Air Filter – This takes about ten minutes and will only cost you the price of a new filter, which runs usually runs around $15.

Windshield Wipers – Replacing your windshield wipers is another simple maintenance task you can do on your own in about 10 minutes. It only costs about $15

Headlights – Replacing your headlights is fairly simple and should only take you ten minutes. The only cost with this maintenance task is the cost of the new headlight, which can run anywhere from $20-$100 depending on what kind of bulb you need.

Fuel Gauge Sender – When your car’s gas gauge is acting up or you seem to be running out of gas faster than usual, it’s probably time to replace your fuel gauge sender. Replacing your fuel gauge sender is fairly straight forward and should only take 10 minutes. It costs around $40.

Fuses – If you happen to be driving and suddenly your headlights go out, chances are you blew a fuse. Luckily, this is an easy fix that should only take five minutes and cost you nothing if your car came with spare fuses.

April is National Car Care Month. Check out other ways you can take care of your vehicle yourself and what Spring Maintenance should be done before heading out on those summer road trips.

Car Clubs – Which One is Right for You?

Are you a person that can’t get enough of cars? Whether you are into classics, sports or luxury cars a car club might be right for you, but which one would be the BEST FIT? If you are unfamiliar with car clubs, it’s basically a community of people that share a common interest in all sorts of vehicles. Car Clubs can be organized by enthusiasts around a type of car, brand or similar interest. Now the only questions is, which car club is right for you?

911Tracker Car Clubs

Traditional Car Clubs 

The more traditional clubs historically have been off line. Just like most clubs there are membership fees which vary from club to club. Once you join you get benefits such as support including messages from members, service and parts advice and sale items. Traditional car clubs also have meets which are for members and those interested in becoming a member. Members can participate in races, cruising and shows. It’s a great way for people with the same interests to come together.

Traditional car clubs were historically “off line” but now with mass online media and support they have now added a online presence. This would be a great way for those interested in different clubs to get a closer look at what the club has to offer without leaving their sofa.

Internet Car Clubs 

As our lives continue to get busier and busier  and with the rage of the internet and social media car clubs have moved online. These online communities can attract a large number of members. Unlike traditional clubs, the content is open to all and for free. It’s a great resource for people looking to purchase a certain car or for newbie enthusiasts.

Just as traditional clubs internet communities provide forums and content about vehicle specifications, driving characteristics, repair information and photo sharing. Since the club can have members from anywhere you have a larger reach if you are trying to purchase or sell a particular vehicle or looking for a certain part for your vehicle. Members will also have the opportunity to easily get information and links to YouTube videos and Podcasts that you normally wouldn’t of heard of.

So now you have a choice to make. Are you interested in more of a traditional car club or love being online so would a internet club be your first choice. Whatever choice you make know that you will have many opportunities to educate yourself about your vehicle, meet individuals with the same interests and learn new ways you can take care of your vehicle through a community.

Finding Interesting Things for Your Car

Car clubs are great for discovering new things for your car.  Other members are often coming up with new ways to make a car more comfortable for a long drive, improve the appearance, or enhance the safety & security such as a device that alerts you of a theft and connects you to 911 closest to your car.

Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to take your hobby to the next level by joining a car club or a individual wanting to keep your family and vehicle safe at all times  our T3 GPS Device is perfect for any car owner. Now, you can have a chance to win one because EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

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Lower Gas Prices – Putting Extra Money In Your Pocket!

The US government estimates that Americans will save about $550 in 2015 because of low gas prices. For those that travel a lot personally and professional the savings could be even greater. So, now the question is…what to do with all that extra money? If you’ve been budgeting $300 a month and now you are spending half that on gas you could be saving for your next vacation, home improvements, paying off debt or car repairs and upgrades.

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Lower Gas Prices – Putting Extra Money In Your Pocket!

SAVE: With the extra money you have after filling up your tank, you could put that right in the bank to save up for a vacation or just a rainy day.

PAYING OFF DEBT: Did you rack up some credit card bills during the holidays? Now is the time to pay a little extra on your bill to get those cards paid off sooner.

SPEND: There are many ways we could spend our money, I have a few ideas of mine own. Home improvements and or car improvements is a great responsible way of spending that extra cash you have monthly because then you are creating equity in both.

INVEST: Investing in your extra cash can be a option too. One thing to invest in is your vehicle.

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Got a car that is older and could use some updates? Live in an area where theft is high? Invest in a car security system. The possibilities are endless. How are you spending your extra cash that you are saving at the pump?



Recovering from Holiday Car Trouble

The last thing you need during the busy holiday travel season is car trouble, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how well we take care of our vehicle we have unforeseen issues. Below is a story of how our 911Tracker T3 Device helped one owner and his family stay calm during traveling when their car wasn’t in the best condition.

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Recovering from Holiday Car Trouble Using the T3 Device

Throughout the holidays we were traveling by car 350 miles to visit family.  During our drive, the car alerted that coolant was low – Yikes!  We stopped at a restaurant and got a couple cups of water for the radiator and called our daughter to let her know of a problem with the car and we may have to stop again to re-fill. She said she would keep track of our location and come get us if necessary. Our car has 911Tracker T3 unit that lets her text the T3 and it texts back to her with GPS location, direction, and speed.

We continued on the drive and had to stop to refill the radiator 2 more times, and arrived at her home about an hour later than expected.  She checked our location every few minutes to be sure we were all right.

The next morning, I took the car to the repair shop. The service manager, Dan, said that it may be just a hose or it may be the radiator. Just to keep track of progress, I sent a text to the T3 to put it in Master Mode. The T3 will send me a movement notification if they take the car on a test drive.

Our car had to be in the repair shop throughout the weekend. By having a T3 Device I was able to track the progress of the repairs which made our holiday weekend less stressful for me and family. Here is timeline of the progress and how I knew that my repairs were on track.  In order to check progress on the car, I sent the T3 a text requesting status.  The T3 has its own backup battery so it keeps working even if the vehicle battery is still disconnected. 

 Monday 9:45AM – The T3 send a text saying Vehicle battery disconnected.  This let me know that the mechanic had removed the battery to make room for the radiator to be removed. The T3 responded with ignition off, alarm not sounding, and the voltage of the backup battery.  So I knew the mechanic had not reconnected the battery yet.

Monday 1:45PM – I checked status and T3 said the battery was reconnected so the mechanic was completing the radiator installation and getting ready to recharge the a/c.

Monday 3:20PM – T3 status said the ignition was on and the engine running, so the mechanic was checking for leaks.

Monday 3:38PM – T3 sent me a Moving notification so I knew the mechanic was taking a test drive.  I double-checked the T3 location just as he pulled back into the shop.  So, my daughter drove me to the shop and Dan called me to tell me the car was ready when we were just two blocks away – perfect timing.

Because of the T3 Device this family was able to track the trip to make sure everyone was OK during the time the car was having difficulty. They were able to check the progress of the repairs and had a good idea of when the vehicle would be done. By having this option the family was able to continue their holiday festivities without the stress of the unknown and could plan family outings without worrying about when the car would be completed.

Now that is the service we are talking about! At 911Tracker we know that EVERY MINUTE COUNTS and time is precious, especially during the holidays. Now that you’ve heard first hand from a T3 owner of how the device saved their holiday don’t you want your own? 911Tracker is running a holiday special with savings of over $100 on a T3 Device. Learn more about the T3 Device and promotion. 

Fall Car Care Giveaway

Now that we are in the middle of the fall season, we are now starting to look at (dare I say it) WINTER! Taking care of your vehicle now can save you the headaches and cost of an emergency breakdown later. Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a professional, you will need to spend some money. We want to help you save a little money while keeping your vehicle maintained. We are giving away 2 $50 VISA Gift Cards – if you are a 911Tracker community member you will have a chance to win!

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ENTER HERE – 911Tracker will choose 2 Community Members to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. Giveaway ends on October 31, 2014 – US Residents Only 

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10 Car Care Tips for Fall

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October is Fall Car Care Month. Why not take a little time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the harsh winter weather ahead? Taking a few simple steps now can save you the headaches and cost of an emergency breakdown later. Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a professional, these proactive steps will make sure your car is ready for winter driving.

10 Car Care Tips for Fall 

CHANGE WIPER BLADES –  You use your wipers more in the fall and winter and take a lot more abuse from road grime. Don’t forget to buy a third blade if you own a hatchback, station wagon or SUV, with a wiper for the rear window.

CHECK YOUR SPARE TIRE –  Make sure your spare tire in properly inflated so you don’t run into problems if you get a flat tire while traveling.

WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID – Replace the washer fluid with one that is suited for cold weather.

CHECK ANTIFREEZE – Make sure that you use the correct fluid because green and orange antifreeze cannot be mixed.

REPLACE ENGINE AIR FILTERS – These need to be replaces twice a year. When the air filter reaches the point where it causes enough of a pressure drop to restrict airflow, the car’s fuel economy, performance and emissions begin to deteriorate.

CHECK BATTERY – Many problems occur when your battery is loose or corroded. Use a simple brush to clean cable connectors.

CHECK CAR LIGHTS – Make sure all lights are working because the days are getting shorter and you will be traveling in darker situations more than other times of the year and you want everything to be working correctly.

MAINTAIN HEATER AND DEFROSTER – The heater and defroster must be in good working condition for comfort and driver visibility.

MAINTAIN FUEL – Put a bottle of fuel de-icer in your tank once a month to help keep moisture from freezing in the fuel line.

EXHAUST LEAKS – It’s important to have your exhaust system examined a few times a year. If your exhaust system is leaking it could be deadly.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly during the colder months? Check out our Spring  and Summer Car Care Tips.





Ways to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Forest, VirginiaIn honor of Earth Day we are sharing with you ways to make your car more eco-friendly. Not all of us can afford a new hybrid or all electric vehicle, but want to make our gas powered vehicles a bit more eco-friendly.

There are plenty of ways to get more miles per gallon out of your conventional vehicle, thus reducing carbon emissions without the cost or commitment of a new vehicle. The bonus benefit is that many of these tweaks will save you lots of money while costing you very little, relative to the price of a new green car.

Ways to Make Your Vehicle More Eco-Friendly

Reduce Air Conditioning – It may feel great, but riding around with the air conditioning cranked up increases fuel cost from 13% up to 21%. If it’s cool enough, use the flow-through ventilation instead of rolling down the windows or using the AC.

Reduce Car Weight – Got a roof rack? Take it off unless you need it because you can improve your fuel economy by 5%. Also, avoid your car as storage, because 100 pounds of gear in the rear of the vehicle can increase fuel consumption by 2%.

Get A Tune Up – You can boost your mileage by 4% when getting your car a tune up.

Purchase Low-Rolling Resistance Tires – Waste less energy and have the potential to save 100 gallons of gas when compared to other tires. If you aren’t in the market for new tires, keep your current tires properly inflated. Running on under-inflated tires can reduce your fuel consumption by 3%.

Change Motor Oil – Switch to synthetic motor oil and it will help your vehicle run more efficiently under extreme conditions, and it can last up to three times longer than pure petroleum based oil. This can save you 15-24 quarts of oil per year.

Choose the Right Type of Gasoline – Iyou’ve been paying extra for high grade stuff, chances are you’re wasting money without any increased performance. With today’s technology vehicles can run just as well on regular gas without damaging your vehicle and it will save you lots of money yearly.  

For more car care and safety tips head over to our blog main page.





Retro grunge poster. CarApril is National Car Care Month, the time of year to focus on taking better care of your vehicle after this awful winter we had. Most individuals cannot afford a new vehicle every few years so keeping our vehicle reliable becomes  very important. Keeping our vehicles up to date takes time, patience and money but far less than a new car. By keeping good care of your vehicle can add years of reliable life to your vehicle. Here are 10 easy things you can do this spring to help you maintain the vehicle to keep it running well for years to come.


Check Fluids:  including engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission as well as windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

Check Hoses and Belts:  Make sure they are not cracked, brittle, frayed, loose or showing signs of excessive wear.

Check Battery: Replace if necessary and look for a clean connection and free of corrosion.

Check Brakes:  Annually and have the brake linings, rotors and drums inspected at each oil change.

Inspect Exhaust System: Make sure there are no  leaks, damage and broken supports. Exhaust leaks can be dangerous and must be corrected without delay.

Check Heating and Air Conditioning: Sweating makes for a miserable drive during those summer months.

Inspect Steering and Suspension System: Check shocks, struts and chassis parts such as ball joints, tie rod ends.

Check Tires: Make sure tire pressure, tread are good and free of bulges and bald spots. Bad tires increases your chances of having flat tires and even blow outs on highways which are very dangerous.

Check Wipers: Replace worn wiper blades so you can see clearly when driving during rainy periods.

Check Lighting: You want to be seen during foggy and night drives. Check that all interior and exterior lighting is working properly

Whether you visit a professional service technician or do it yourself, a thorough vehicle inspection this spring can help keep your car safe and dependable and help you avoid much higher costs down the road in the form of more extensive repairs or lost resale value.