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Lower Gas Prices – Putting Extra Money In Your Pocket!

The US government estimates that Americans will save about $550 in 2015 because of low gas prices. For those that travel a lot personally and professional the savings could be even greater. So, now the question is…what to do with all that extra money? If you’ve been budgeting $300 a month and now you are spending half that on gas you could be saving for your next vacation, home improvements, paying off debt or car repairs and upgrades.

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Lower Gas Prices – Putting Extra Money In Your Pocket!

SAVE: With the extra money you have after filling up your tank, you could put that right in the bank to save up for a vacation or just a rainy day.

PAYING OFF DEBT: Did you rack up some credit card bills during the holidays? Now is the time to pay a little extra on your bill to get those cards paid off sooner.

SPEND: There are many ways we could spend our money, I have a few ideas of mine own. Home improvements and or car improvements is a great responsible way of spending that extra cash you have monthly because then you are creating equity in both.

INVEST: Investing in your extra cash can be a option too. One thing to invest in is your vehicle.

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Got a car that is older and could use some updates? Live in an area where theft is high? Invest in a car security system. The possibilities are endless. How are you spending your extra cash that you are saving at the pump?



911Tracker Holiday Promotion & Giveaway

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means we need to get on the ball with purchasing all those gifts. At 911Tracker we want to get into the gift giving spirit by offering you a chance to win a T3 Recovery Device for yourself or someone you love. If you are impatient and can’t wait you can purchase one of two Recovery Devices with a savings of over $100. 

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Wondering if you have anyone on your list that would benefit from a T3 Recovery Device?

  • Got a child in college that has their own car?
  • Do you worry about your elderly parents driving?
  • Have teenager driver?
  • Does your spouse travel via car for work?
  • Does your spouse travel via plane for work?
  • Know of someone that lives in a area with high car theft rates?
  • Got a loved one with a classic car or RV?

The T3 isn’t your run of the mill security system, it does a much better job than the build in car security systems plus offers many other features. When purchasing a car tracking device like the 911Tracker, it benefits car owners by giving them peace of mind that their car is really secure.

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1. Gives you the location of your vehicle allowing you to recover it.

2. Saves you money because it lowers your car insurance. If you parked your car for a period of time you will receive notification if your vehicle is moved or if the ignition is turned on.

3. This is perfect for when parking the airport, auto body shop or valet. When 911 has been notified your tracker will give the current latitude/longitude, speed and where the vehicle is heading and is detected by E-911.

4. The operator can see a map of where the car is and is often more precise than E-911. The 911Tracker has a back up battery so if the thief cuts the wires you are still protected

911Tracker Holiday Giveaway

For a limited time we are offering a Holiday Promotion that will save you over $100. if you are feeling lucky enter in our T3 Recovery Device Giveaway. We will pick one winner within the United States on December 15, 2014.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
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What To Do AFTER A Car Theft

You know how to protect your vehicle from theft, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. The unthinkable happens, because every 44 seconds a car is stolen in the US. It could happen at any point of the day or night, even when you take all those precautions . Having your vehicle stolen can be a very frustrating experience. Here are some tips that will help you deal with this crisis, and hopefully get your vehicle back to you within a short amount of time.

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What To Do AFTER A Car Theft

THINK BEFORE YOU ACT: Is your car actually stolen or just towed, misplaced or even worse repossessed. Before calling 911 just take a moment to consider these other options because the last thing you want to do is involve the police unnecessarily.

CALL 911: So you’ve taken the time to think things through and realize that YES your vehicle has been stolen. The first thing you should do is call 911, and have a police report filed.

KEEP EXTRA INSURANCE CARDS: Most times your VIN number and registration are in the vehicle that has been stolen. Make copies of your registration and insurance cards and have them in your wallet so you have all the information you need when talking to the police.

BE TECH SAVVY: Vehicle manufacturer security systems may not be enough to completely keep your vehicle safe. Once upon a time LoJack was the only non manufacturer security system…..not anymore. Check out how the T3 Recovery Device works effectively.

CONNECT WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY: The police was called and report has been filed, now it’s time to connect with your insurance company. When connecting with your insurance company you are protecting yourself. Yes, that right! Your stolen vehicle could be used to cause harm or damage after the theft. Make sure you give your agent detailed information of all personal items in your vehicle.

CONNECT WITH LENDER:  If your car is leased or financed, you should also call the lender that you used to purchase the vehicle.

According to the NHTSA 40% to 50% of stolen cars are a direct result of owner mistakes. Make sure you are making smart choices at all times which will reduce your chances of car theft.

Has your vehicle been stolen before? What tips can you share to help others in the future? Don’t forget to check out our different types of recovery devices, the T3 and S4 Recovery Devices. These will not only help secure your vehicle but make recovery time less if your vehicle is stolen. EVERY MINUTE MATTERS!

Feeling lucky? Enter in our S4 Tracker Giveaway, worth $300! 911Tracker will pick 2 winners on November 15, 2014. GOOD LUCK!



911Tracker Kickstarter Campaign and GIVEAWAY

VTS_01_1Car owners shouldn’t underestimate the value and benefit of vehicle anti-theft devices. Car security systems are a deterrent for criminals and lower the risk of theft. If you think the build in car security system will work as a deterrent then you might be disappointed. Car alarms do not draw the attention the way they used to. Most of the time we find it more annoying than anything else. Nearly half of the vehicles (with the normal car alarm) stolen are never recovered, and those recovered are almost always damaged or completely destroyed.  We believe that…..EVERY MINUTE COUNTS! This is the reason that purchasing a car tracking device like the 911Tracker benefits car owners by giving them peace of mind that their car is really secure.


At 911Tracker we are continually looking for new ways to share the benefits of the T3 Device. We have teamed up with Kickstarter to help us gain more exposure so that we can continue to produce the T3 Device, expand marketing and distribution channels and develop new Tracker products that will provide safety and security to owners and their families.

T3 is different because you are in charge!

* T3 follows instructions that you text from your phone.

* T3 alerts you if your car has an emergency

* You call the T3 to connect a 3-way call to the 911-Operator located close to your car.

* You talk directly to police within seconds of the emergency – saving you time and money

* LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this. No other anti-theft system can do this.

Keeping Families Safe

During the Kickstarter campaign we will offer many rewards to our backers, even if you donate just $5. To make things more exciting we are doing a GIVEAWAY for those that want to help us promote our kickstarter campaign. All you need to do is share a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter post with your own communities, tagging 911Tracker, using the Kickstarter URL http://bit.ly/911KSC and use the hashtag #911Kickstarter.

At random we will choose a winner to receive their very own T3 Device which will include a 3 month subscription plan. The giveaway is valued at $260. Below we have given you some sample posts to make it even easier for you to enter. You can also earn bonus entries by following 911Tracker on Facebook and Twitter through the Rafflecopper giveaway link.

Facebook/Google+ —- Join @911Tracker in the fight to keep vehicles and owners safe while on the road and home. The T3 device allows parents to check on their teen driver, connects directly to a local 911- Operator and it allows you to use phone to remotely disable the vehicle starter, which prevents the thief from restarting the car when the thief turns off your vehicle. http://bit.ly/911KSC #911Kickstarter #teendrivers

Twitter —- Join @911Tracker in keeping cars & owners safe while on the road & home http://bit.ly/911KSC #911Kickstarter


We are looking for talented Tech Bloggers and Websites to help us promote the 911Tracker Device and our Kickstarter Campaign. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please fill out this Google Form. 

Thank You for support 911Tracker so that we can continue to keep families and their vehicles safe.

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Hot Spots for Car Theft

Vehicle TheftIf you live in California you are at higher risk of getting your vehicle stolen. This is because 9 out of 10 hot spots for car theft happen in the state of California. The reason for this is because of international boarders and dense populated areas where vehicles are presented as opportunities for thieves.

Current Rankings from Mercury News

1. Bakersfield, CA

2. Fresno, CA

3. Modesto, CA

4. San Francisco/Oakland/Hayward, CA

5. Stockton-Lodi, CA

6. Redding, CA

7. Spokane-Spokane Valley, WA

8. Valleio-Fairfield, CA

9. San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, CA

10. Yuba City, CA

Auto Theft

Vehicles that are more apt to be stolen are classic cars. Classic cars are targeted because they are easy to sell overseas. People would pop them in containers and ship them overseas and a lot of them were a “for order situation”.  Classic cars are worth much more than the average new vehicle and most times the classic car is one of a kind.

You never think it will happen to you. You lock your car and you feel protected because you may have a built in alarm system that makes a nasty sound when someone tries to break in. There is something you need to remember……it can happen to you and it has happened to over 700,000 Americans.

Summer has the highest rate of stolen vehicles throughout the year. Most cars were stolen on the weekend. We don’t want you to be next so check out these 8 tips to protect your vehicle from theft.

Have you used any of these tips? If so, tell us how they have helped you protect your vehicle.



Benefits of a GPS Tracking Device for Small Business Vehicles

GPS Tracking Small Business LogoChances are if you are a small business owner you are focused on everyday issues that you haven’t given much thought of protecting your company vehicles from theft, until one of those vehicles are stolen. When something like that happens the police often has little to offer other than taking your information and hope something comes up.

If you have a GPS theft recovery system for your small business vehicles then you can protect your investment and then have a REAL chance to recover your vehicle. Here are some main reasons why small business owners with company vehicles need to carefully consider a GPS theft recovery system.

Faster Recovery Time – Without a GPS tracking system the chance of finding a stolen vehicle is very slim and if you did finally recover it, there could be damage which would cost your business greatly. With a tracking system like the 911Tracker you would get a text as soon as your vehicle was moved and then you can connect with the authorities to give them the exact location of your vehicle so it can recovered within a short period of time.

Protects Equipment – When a personal vehicle is stolen chances are you don’t have many other valuables in the car. With a small business vehicle you could have thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment that could be stolen too. Therefore you are not just losing a vehicle but important materials that you need to run your business.

Monitor Drivers – When you install a vehicle tracking device you can track your company vehicles to make sure your employees are using the vehicles for authorized projects, prevent employees from logging overtime for work that they didn’t do, stop employees from taking long lunch breaks, log activity when employees leave a job early.

Reduce Insurance Costs – Many insurance companies give discounts up to 35% for companies that have their company vehicles equipped with a GPS tracking device.

A vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds, don’t let your company vehicle be next. What have you don’t already to make sure your equipment and vehicle are safe at all times?

***** The 911Tracker can save your company money and gives you peace of mind that your vehicle and company equipment is safe at all times. Learn more HERE

Classic Car Theft on the Rise

classic car protectionClassic Car theft is on the rise, so much so that the police created a network to help recover these stolen vehicles.  Stolen classic cars are happening throughout the United States but is more prevalent in Southern California.

Classic cars are targeted because they are easy to sell overseas. People would pop them in containers and ship them overseas and a lot of them were a “for order situation”.  Classic cars are worth much more than the average new vehicle and most times the classic car is one of a kind.

Most of the time when a classic call is stolen it’s never found because of the lacking built in security system that newer cars have.  For that reason classic cars are far more difficult to track.

There are a few things you can do to protect your classic vehicle from being stolen.

Classic Car Protection

Keep Verifiable Records – Be sure the VIN and title information match that of your car.  Something like this that is overlooked, could create huge problems later if your vehicle is ever stolen, and law enforcement is attempting to recover it.

Be Smart At Car Shows – When visiting car shows, or even taking your classic car out for a spin around the neighborhood, make it a habit to check your rear view mirror!  Professional car thieves actually go to these events in search of their next target.

Be Careful When Selling – When selling your classic car be wary of the payment method, 150 cashier’s checks is not the best way to except payment because they could be bogus. The best payment options would be wire transfer.

Trust You Mechanic –   If you take your classic vehicle for restoration to a body shop, or mechanic make sure they have a good security system so your vehicle is protected at all times.

Embrace Technology – Since classic cars do not have built in security system you need to install something that you feel will protect your vehicle while not in use. There are many choices to choose from especially our own T3 Tracker. You can now save when purchasing a tracker which saves you $95.

To learn more about the advantages of installing a T3 Tracker in your classic car – GO HERE! 




vehicle security showdown

Car owners shouldn’t underestimate the value and benefit of a vehicle anti-theft device. Did you know that nearly half of the vehicles (with the normal car alarm) stolen are never recovered, and those recovered are almost always damaged or completely destroyed? This is the reason why we developed the 911Tracker security system, so that we can give car owners the peace of mind that their car is really secure.


There are a lot of car security brands on the market which can make purchasing the right one difficult. One of the most popular devices out there is the LoJack system, which is why we wanted to show you how purchasing the 911Tracker would be to your advantage.

911Tracker vs LoJack

Which comparison was more surprising to you? To learn more about the 911Tracker device and how you can save when purchasing one go to our website www.911Tracker.com